Your Guide to LED Bulkhead Lights

LED Bulkhead Lights 5Nowadays, businesses are looking for smarter lighting options. They want economical, functional, and aesthetically appealing lighting options. One of the best solutions you can choose for your home is LED bulkhead lighting. Cost-effective, energy-saving, and aesthetically appealing, these lighting options are a must-have for any business. Compact in size and highly durable, these are the lighting options that will make your business thrive. Here are a few things regarding LED bulkhead lighting you should know today.

Get The Right Bulkhead

Make the right choice. Don’t choose any bulkhead lights. Remember, the market contains numerous options out there. From emergency bulkhead lights to those with sensors, you have several options.  Here are popular options you can try:

  1. 2D Sensor 3-hour emergency LED Bulkhead 1060 16w

LED Bulkhead Lights 5The 2D Sensor 3-hour emergency LED Bulkhead 1060 16w is a microwave as well as an emergency bulkhead version that comes with a microwave movement sensor. It can detect people are in the vicinity. This polycarbonate unit can automatically light when a moving object is sensed. With a diameter of 300 mmm, this unit comes with a low power consumption of about 16 watts. It can also produce up to 1500 lumens. If you are looking for an energy-saving bulkhead that can be adjusted over a distance of between 1 to 8 meters, think about the 2D Sensor 3-hour emergency LED Bulkhead 1060 16w. The best part, you can purchase this unit from Saving Light Bulb. Still more, you will get valuable instructions and other safety precautions. Visit Saving Light Bulb and get your bulkhead today.

  1. 2D Sensor LED Bulkhead 1060 16w

LED Bulkhead Lights 4Another great option (which is a microwave version) is the 2D Sensor LED Bulkhead 1060 16w. Featuring high-quality polycarbonate, you can use this option on the walls or ceiling. Slim and highly elegant, this is the unit that can elevate your spaces. The unit can be purchased from Saving Light Bulb. Get yours today.

  1. 2D LED Bulkhead 1060 16w

LED Bulkhead Lights 5The 2D LED Bulkhead 1060 16w is another popular option from Saving Light Bulb. It can be used on the ceiling or walls.


Ensure that you have carried out all the safety measurements before installing your LED bulkhead lights. Start by turning off the mains supply. Adhere to the instructions. Also, look at the total load.

The Diffuser

The next step involves removing the diffuser. This can be achieved through a screwdriver.


Make sure the base can comfortably support the base. Ensure that the positions are clearly marked. The next step involves drilling the marked holes.

Other Steps

Other steps include:

  • Opening the gear try while carefully handling the LEDs.
  • Threading the cable
  • Connecting the wires
  • Fixing the gear try
  • Fixing loose cables
  • Refitting the diffuser

The Bottom-Line

Besides color and branding, lighting can bring more fortunes into your business. That’s why you should invest in the right lighting. In particular, bringing in innovative lighting solutions like LED bulkhead lighting into your spaces can propel your business to greater heights. The above information will help you get it right when it comes to the LED bulkhead lighting option.


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