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Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs are a type of incandescent lamp which uses a halogen gas in order to increase both the light output and rated life. This is why they are becoming the preferred bulb to use in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs.

A variety of different applications take halogen bulbs – both commercial and residential like them because of the aesthetics they give. In fact, there aren’t many situations where halogens can’t be used. There are many halogen replacements available for standard household light bulbs due to their popularity, so it’s easy to switch over or find a bulb to use in your fixture.

Halogen bulbs are a direct replacement to standard incandescent bulbs and will use 30% less electricity. This is because the bulb wattage has been decreased without losing any light output so therefore the electricity cost will be reduced. Something to take into consideration though, halogens can get quite hot if they have been on for a prolonged period of time.

Saving-Light-Bulbs offers Candles, GLS bulbs, Golf Ball, Spot, G4, G9, Gy6.35, Halogen Tubes and Halogen MR16’s. There are available in different colour temperatures and different wattages also. Halogen bulbs tend to be popular in chandeliers or decorative lighting due to the light they give off and the effects they produce.