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Halogen Bulbs

Full Assortment of Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs are a type of incandescent lamp which uses a halogen gas in order to increase both the light output and rated life. This is why they are preferred over traditional incandescent bulbs. We stock all type of Halogen Bulbs, from Globe bulb to Spotlights and from flame tips to capsules. Browse our wide range of halogen bulbs and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Both our commercial and residential buyers like halogen bulbs, because of the aesthetics they give. In fact, there aren’t many situations where halogens can’t be used. There are many halogen replacements available for standard household light bulbs, so it’s easy to switch over, just order a compatible bulb (with same type of cap fitting) and plug it in your existing fixture.

Halogen bulbs are a direct replacement to standard incandescent bulbs and will use 30% less electricity. This is because the bulb wattage has been decreased without losing any light output so therefore the electricity cost will be reduced. Something to take into consideration though, halogens can get quite hot if they have been on for a prolonged period of time.

We stock a massive range of highest quality Halogen Candles, GLS bulbs, Golf Ball, Spot, G4, G9, Gy6.35, Halogen Tubes and Halogen MR16’s. They are available in different colour temperatures and different wattages also. Halogen bulbs tend to be popular in chandeliers or decorative lighting due to the light they give off and the effects they produce.

Halogen Light Bulbs

Explore the world of halogen bulbs at Saving Light Bulbs, known for their brightness and clarity, halogen bulbs are a popular choice for many lighting needs, offering a combination of efficiency and quality that is hard to match. Whether you’re looking to create a warm ambience and illumination with halogen lamps or need precise lighting with halogen spotlight bulbs, our selection of halogen bulbs provides the perfect solution.

What Are Halogen Bulbs?

Halogen bulbs are an advanced form of incandescent lighting that produce light by passing an electric current through a tungsten filament, which is enclosed in a compact transparent envelope filled with a halogen gas like iodine or bromine. This gas helps recycle the tungsten back onto the filament, increasing both the life span and efficiency of the bulb. There are different halogen bulb types that are suitable for different uses, for exampleclassic A-line bulbs, which are perfect for general household lighting, and the more focused MR16 bulbs, ideal for spot and accent lighting due to their beam control. For those looking for options suitable for desk lamps, wall lights or indoor fixtures, our single-ended halogen bulbs provide bright, clear light. Additionally, we stock double-ended halogen bulbs, which are commonly used in security lighting and outdoor flood lights due to their intense and broad light output. Whether you're looking for something for your home, office, or outdoor spaces, our selection ensures you can find the right halogen bulb to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of Using Halogen Bulbs

Superior Light Quality: Halogen bulbs deliver a crisp, white light that closely mimics natural daylight, making them ideal for applications where high-quality light is essential.

Energy Efficiency: While they are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs provide more light per unit of energy consumed.

Instant Brightness: Unlike some energy-saving bulbs, halogen lights reach full brightness instantly without any warm-up time.

Versatility: Available in various shapes, sizes, and wattages, halogen bulbs can be used in a wide range of settings, from residential to commercial spaces.

Applications of Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are incredibly versatile, and suitable for many applications:

Home: Perfect for accent lighting, task lighting, or general household use, providing bright light where you need it.

Office: Enhancing productivity with halogen desk lamps that offer clear, bright lights, reducing eye strain during long working hours.

Outdoor: Ideal for outdoor lighting fixtures, halogen bulbs produce strong, bright light that enhances security and visibility.

Specialty: From automotive to projector lamps, halogen technology is also used in various specialty applications, offering reliable and efficient lighting solutions.

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At Saving Light Bulbs, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of high-quality halogen bulbs. Our team is committed to helping you find the best lighting options for your needs, providing professional advice and support every step of the way. Browse our selection of halogen bulbs today and experience lighting that combines tradition with innovation. For more information call our team today.