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Eco-schools is an amazing phenomenon that encourages the youth to actively participate in protecting their environment. It all begins in the classroom, then expands to the entire school, and finally brings change in the neighbouring community. Through this scheme, young people get involved in their school’s environmental policies which come with being granted a Green Flag. In short, it’s an incredible way for schools as well as the local community to embark on a meaningful journey towards creating a more sustainable environment. Besides, Eco-Schools motivates students to engage in solving environmental problems, making them feel that they’re special and can make a difference. It instills a sense of responsibility and fosters a sustainable mindset in students, which they can apply on their daily activities. Plus, the scheme strongly emphasises on involving the community in every step, something which leads to the creation of environmentally responsible behaviour patterns. eco schools

Eco-Schools Scheme is Holistic

Being holistic, the Eco-Schools programme strives to make environmental awareness an intrinsic part of everyone’s life. This includes the students, teachers, parents, local businesses, and all non-teaching staff. Eco-Schools aims to take learning beyond the classroom and build responsible attitudes both at home and school. Its participatory approach and collaborative learning/action make the scheme an ideal way for students to improve their environment and positively influence the lives of other young people, local authorities, school staff, and families.

The Benefits of Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools is a participatory programme which allows students to experience active citizenship. It brings numerous benefits to schools as well as the community at large. It doesn’t only create a sustainable environment but also creates huge financial savings. Reducing waste plus collecting recyclable materials can help raise funds for the school. Besides, the actions taken can result in low energy bills, water consumption expenses, in addition to reduced waste collection bills.
Other benefits include:
Eco-Schools Green Flag: This programme offers a great opportunity for schools to work towards the prestigious Green Flag award. Every pupil would love to receive the flag- it’s an incredible way to appreciate their effort!
Increased Environmental Awareness: Students and teachers are encouraged to utilise their new environmental knowledge to improve their school life. This helps learners to realise the relevance of what they study in the classroom.
Improved School Environment: Though the Eco-Schools programme, students plus staff can cooperate to reduce litter as well as waste and run the school in a more environmentally conscious way.
Local Community Participation: Local enterprises have expertise in various sectors of environmental management and might be willing to participate in the Eco-Schools initiative. And this will lead to a more united community. Plus, the scheme’s Delivery Partner Organisations support registered Eco-Schools by delivering 10 Topics of the programme to each one of them. Teaching resources, project ideas/activities, as well as curriculum activities, are available for all Eco-Schools.
Pupil Empowerment: Through the democratic scheme, students can control their own environment and make decisions about how they can improve their home, school, and the entire neighbourhood. In a nutshell, Eco-schools is an amazing resource for schools wanting to save money, enhance their curriculum, grow their school community and altogether improve their school.

SLB LED Lighting Solutions

SLB are proud suppliers of energy efficient products to many establishments in the UK. We supply a range of low-energy LED lighting products which help reduce overall energy costs, along with professional advice on how to quantify and realize the savings. We have been working with the UK education sector over the last 4 years providing low-cost, reliable products to help cut down energy bills and reduce hazardous waste to give schools an overall boost in becoming more Eco-friendly. Learning should be fun and interesting. With an environment that supports collaborative learning, students can concentrate more and enjoy school. Therefore, it’s important for stakeholders to create optimal school learning environments.
Saving Light Bulb
Introducing a smart, affordable, as well as a sustainable way to light schools. Injecting more life into school learning with human-centric lighting!

With advanced lighting solutions from SLB, teachers can instantly adjust classroom lighting and keep students alert, focused, as well as comfortable throughout the day. Even more, SLB has solutions that can help align lighting to suit different classroom activities—including reading, improving student engagement, plus boosting learning outcomes.

SLB: Offering Effective School Lighting Solutions

With cost-effective LED lighting, schools can feel safe and strengthen their brand. SLB LED lighting solutions can create inviting outdoor areas as well as indoor spaces. This helps inspire concentration or focus—thus supporting the educational objectives. Energy Efficiency: Contemporary lighting in schools focuses on the various needs of students, visitors, and teachers. SLB, packed with the latest lighting technologies, offers ideal solutions that address the complete spectrum as far as the educational applications are concerned. Even more, SLB LED luminaires are optimally operational. They are cost effective and protect the environment. The best part, we use light management systems that make it possible to save even more. Plus, we’ll adapt the right light levels for your school. Also, to minimize power disruptions, we’ll schedule maintenance.
Increase safety: We’ll install uniform LED lighting that minimises shadows as well as improves visibility. With our effective remote management strategies, schools can effectively respond to different situations, undertake quick repairs, and reduce downtime. With effective LED lighting in schools, the life of students, staff, plus that of visitors will be improved.
Improve sustainability: With our strong belief in conserving the environment, we’ll install LED lighting solutions that support green initiatives. SLB can also help upgrade school’s sports facilities and offer cutting-edge lighting solutions for bridges, monuments, as well as facades.
Environmentally Friendly: We understand the lighting solutions that can make schools more environmentally friendly. We’ll apply unique lighting solutions that make sustainability a central pillar in a school’s life. With SLB LED lighting, schools can use energy more sustain-ably, reduce their carbon footprint, and create a better learning environment for students.
Flexibility: We are in a digital era where rigid classroom seating arrangements don’t count. With the advancement of technology, teaching has taken another different dimension and is now being characterised by group work, screen-based teaching, and beamer presentations. With SLB LED solutions, you can be sure of an interactive classroom that boosts focus and concentrations. Get in touch with us and find out how we can boost your school’s learning environment with LED lighting.
We offer Holistic Lighting Solutions: Schools are not only learning environments but also habitats for concentrated work, relaxation, as well as sports venues. SLB offers the right lighting solution for classrooms, canteens, hallways, outdoor areas, leisure rooms, and even sports venues.
Our Lighting Solutions Protects Resources: SLB LED solutions are super efficient— consuming about 80% less energy as compared to conventional lighting. Plus, with our contemporary light management system, schools can achieve very high savings—thanks to our press buttons and sensors for presence detection.

We’re Here To Help Schools Save on Energy

We come in by helping the schools save money; on average schools spend approximately £100m a year on electricity alone. By simply switching to energy-saving light bulbs we can save schools between 50% and 90% of their existing lighting costs. Energy saving light bulbs last 10 times longer than normal bulbs, so on average, you could save between £5 and £10 a year per bulb! Use energy saving light bulbs and:-
  • • Reduce the carbon emissions from day one
  • • Invest in the latest flicker-free LED lighting system that improves the learning environment
  • • Take part in an Eco-Schools Energy carbon credit trading scheme and earn the school some money
  • • Have cheaper electricity bills in the future to offset against predicted dwindling government pupil budgets
  • • Get long-lasting lights that reduce maintenance costs and are ideal for difficult-to -access places