How To Install A 600×600 LED Panel

LED Panel 1The popularity of LED panels is on the rise.  Nowadays, many homeowners are installing LED panels in their homes. This lighting option offers you an opportunity to save energy. One of the most popular LED panels is the 600×600 panel. Easy to use, the LED panels are versatile and long-lasting. However, it’s important to get the installation procedure right. The guide below will take you the steps you need to correctly install the 600×600 panel in your home or office.


There are 4 major ways of installing LED ceiling lights. They include:

  • Built-in LED panels
  • Recessed LED Panels
  • Mounted LED panels
  • Suspended LED panels


The electrical installation can cause an electrical shock. Therefore, it’s important to turn off the power before doing any inspection, installation, and removal of 600×600 LED panels. Ensure that there is proper ground electrical. If you don’t have any electrical background, consult a professional.


If you are installing a built-in 600×600 LED panel, follow the following quick steps:

  • Start by unscrewing the screws from the panel’s four corners.
  • The next step involves placing the springs in the right position and re-installing the uncrewed screws. Use a center hole to insert the screws.
  • The next step involves cutting a hole in your ceiling. Ensure that the hole is not bigger than your 600×600 LED panel.
  • From here, move to connect the LED driver to your AC mains. Raise the springs before pushing the 600×600 LED panel into your already prepared ceiling cavity.
  • Inspect to ensure that the installation is complete.


LED Panel 3 For recessed, follow these steps.

  • Start by connecting your 600×600 LED panel to the LED driver (i.e., its DC side)
  • The next step involves placing your driver on the panel’s back before removing the grid panel.
  • Inserting a LED panel into your ceiling grid should be the next step. From here, consider rotating the panel for easy installation.
  • Position the panel into the grid.
  • Place the panel in such a way that it evenly sits in the T-Bar grids.
  • Remove the panel before connecting the LED driver
  • To complete the installation process, replace the panel.


For recessed 600×600 LED panel:

  • Start by removing and tearing off the protective film.
  • From here, proceed to lift its mounting clip located on the panel’s edge.
  • Turning the clip head (for mounting) and putting the panel into the ceiling should be the next steps.
  • Ensure that the clips are well-fastened to the T-BAR.
  • Uncover the driver box before opening the knockout hole.
  • Insert the cable into your driver box before connecting the AC to the LED driver (i.e., if you have a non-dimmable panel).
  • Finally, consider fixing the driver cover and inspecting it to ensure that the installation is complete.

The Bottom-Line

LED Panel 2LED panels are energy-saving. They are also long-lasting. Easy to customize, LED panes can optimize energy usage in your home. However, you should correctly install the LED panels. Use the above guide to install the 600×600 LED panel in your home or office.

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