Thomas Edison And the Invention of The Light Bulb

Thomas Edison 1Born in 1897, Thomas Edison is regarded as one of the best inventors the world has ever seen. Credited for the discovery of various electric lights, Edison is a key figure in the electrical engineering field. In particular, he has immensely contributed to the growth of the lighting world. He played a key role in the discovery of lighting bulbs. Here are the main contributions of Thomas Edison in the lighting world.

A Typical Edison Bulb

A typical Edison lamp comes with a filament placed in a glass-based vacuum bulb. These bulbs are carefully created after a series of experiments. In his mind, Edison wanted to design a high resistance system. This system was supposed to use less electrical power when be used to light lamps. Consequently, he was able to produce small electric lights ideal for domestic use.

How He Did It

Thomas Edison 2Thomas Edison is credited for the creation of lighting bulbs. Equipped with technical skills, Thomas Edison decided to experiment on the electrical current. After several trials, he came up with an invention that burned for a long time. In particular, the burning lasted close to 12 hours. The filament burned out after 12 hours. This invention resulted in the invention of safe, practical, as well as cost-effective incandescent electric light. This light could be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

The electrical light was created after several trial-and-error sessions. This was in 1897. He used a small glass-based globe containing carbonized filament featuring sewing thread and vacuum to come up with the electric light. The bulbs were characterized by a low current.

Once he found it right when it comes to the combination of lighting elements, Edison embarked on a journey to power it in the right way.

However, there was a problem. His wires were not insulated properly. It was discovered that the hot wires got into contact with tinsel wallpaper, resulting in flames. Thus, he diced to invent a safe electric distribution system with better insulation. In 1882, he invented the first centralized power plant. In a nutshell, Edison was very instrumental for the inventions in the lighting industry.

How Did Thomas Edison’s Inventions Help The world?

Thomas Edison 3One of the best things that ever happened to the world was the invention of electric light. Over the years, the concept has been used to make major strides in the lighting industry. The concept was advanced to produce halogen bulbs and Led Lighting fixtures. Nowadays, light plays a key role in human life. People can work at night. Homes can be lit. You can travel at night. In a nutshell, lighting has made nightlife exciting.

The Bottom-Line

Lighting is a major part of life. Besides helping you see at night; light can be used as an architectural element. The discovery of lighting dates back to 1897 when Thomas Edison was born. With an innovative mind, Thomas Edison was instrumental in the discovery of lighting bulbs. The above are major contributions of Thomas Edison in the lighting world.

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