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CFL GU10 Bulbs

Our CFL GU10s’ are much more efficient than halogen GU10’s and use a lot less electricity. However they are longer in length than standard halogen GU10’s which is something that would need to be taken into consideration when you consider the bulbs usage and where they are used. For example, if when using the bulb in a shorter fixture, the CFL bulb might be visible which is something you’d want to avoid.

Due to the GU10 bulb using CFL technology, they save up to 75% on standard incandescent bulbs. Saving-Light-Bulbs’ energy saving bulb incorporates a reflector which again, makes it an ideal halogen replacement.

Our CFL GU10s’ are available in either 7W or 11W clear. The 7W CFL GU10 is equivalent to a 25W halogen GU10 bulb and the 11W is equivalent to a 40W equivalent to a halogen GU10 bulb. These bulbs itself have a clear front cover which maximises light output from the CFL tube and creates an even better light output.

The GU10 bulbs are available in warm white which is ideal for interior use and means they can be universally used. Alongside the bulbs using CFL technology they also have a long rated life of 10000 hours which means they save you money and last longer than standard bulbs.

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