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LED G4 Capsule Bulbs

LED G4’s can be direct replacements for G4 halogen capsules. Due to the fact that they are LED’s, the JC type capsules can give an 88% saving in energy consumption in comparison to the halogen capsule equivalent. A 30000 hours rated life is expected from the LED G4’s which gives evidence as to why there is such a high energy consumption saving.

The LED G4’s give omni-directional light because they can have between 13-18 LED diodes which emit light in all directions through the clear glass. These diodes give off minimal heat which contributes to the energy consumption savings also and ensures there is less of a fire hazard.

LED G4’s are available in dimmable as well which gives them more versatility, however, unfortunately not all of the LED capsules are available in dimmable so types would need to be checked to ensure you are getting the correct and proper equivalent. Another thing to check with LED G4’s is whether or not they require DC input, if they do then an LED driver would be needed to use them, if they are DC and AC input then they can operate from a standard halogen transformer.

All LED G4’s come in 12v. At Saving-Light-Bulbs, our LED G4’s generally come in warm white colour temperature because this is the most popular output as they light is softer and more suitable for interior use.

Product Image Item Name- Price
LED G4 12V Capsule 3W dimmable

G4 LED 12V Capsule 3W dimmable

Watts = 3 Watts
Lumens = 225 Lumens
Cap Fitting = JC Type
Colour Temperature = 2700K Warm White

Technical Specifications: Power Consumption = 3 Watts Operating Voltage = 12V Colour Temperature = 2700K Warm White Lumens Output = 225 Lumens...
6.82£9.74  £6.82
Save: 30% off