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Lighting Design

There are many facets to lighting design but it can be broadly categorised into 2 areas:-
  1. Functional lighting design primarily used for commercial buildings which is primarily about getting the right light level in the space for the application.
  2. Decorative lighting design which is a much wider subject and covers all aspects of lighting design for residential and commercial properties where the focus is on aesthetics.
exterior LED Strip

Proper lighting design is all about highlighting features, adding drama, creating moods, and crafting an exceptional space. Whether you need to make a statement or add some elegant illumination, lighting is an essential element of your space.

The living room is the most versatile part of your house. Nonetheless, it can be a complex task changing the look & feel of the space with lighting. What’s important is to achieve the right balance, but it isn’t that easy. And that’s where SLB comes in handy. We’ll make it possible for you to redefine your living space with uniquely designed lighting.

The Three Types of Lighting

cinema room

There are three popular types of lighting, including ambient, accent, and task. Combining them creates stylish layers that set your room for numerous activities and contributes towards the establishment of an inviting room.

You Need It, We’ve Got It!

Shopping for classic lamps and chandeliers? Look no further. SLB got you covered! We’ve some of the best lighting pieces to illuminate your home. Whether you are looking for vintage lamps or retro modern table lamps, we have so many lighting ideas in store! We provide everything from high-tech floor lamps/chandeliers to retro-inspired styles and practically anything in between. Not only are our lighting designs romantically beautiful, but they also create a dramatic effect that’s sure to impress. Our accent crystal drop chandeliers will bring a sense of glamour to your living room and add the needed warm ambience.

Your Décor Partner

conical light

Mounted on the wall, our versatile wall lighting and decorative pieces (sconces) are sure to transform your home into a gathering zone. It’s super easy to illuminate your living room with our exquisite selection of lighting pieces! Wall lights, floor lamps, and lamp chandeliers, plus much more will enhance your home’s décor and create the perfect radiance for every task. Check out SLB for wonderful light & lamp collection to perfectly complement your home!

Decorative Lighting You Can Trust

Decorative lighting is an exceptional way that both architects & designers can utilize to enhance the appearance of your interior décor. This type of lighting isn’t just beautiful and functional but it also offers numerous design options in commercial/residential interiors. Such lighting fixtures can be cosy, like large-scale installations in airports/hotels, or simple, such as pendant lights hanging over a bar. Some of the most popular decorative lighting designs include desk lamps, pendants, chandeliers, wall mounted lights, task lights, sconces, and floor lamps.

The Power of Lighting

traditional room

Lighting is an extremely important aspect in the design of any interior space because it has the potential to set its tone and personality. Hospitality projects might use clusters of decorative lights installed together for a dramatic effect, while more practical settings, such as healthcare facilities would utilize lighting fixtures to create a more calming & clean atmosphere.

Lighting Does Not Make Your Home Interesting, How You Design Them Does!