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Energy Saving Compact 2D Lamps

Purchase 16W, 28W & 38W 2D Lamps in 2 Pin and 4 Pin Configuration

We stock all kinds of 2D CFL Lamps in our inventory. Our 2D Lamps uses CFL technology, which saves up to 75% in energy cost (over traditional incandescent bulbs), low energy consumption also reduces their carbon footprint. Additionally 2D CFL Lamps also have rated lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, which means you save more money since you will not be replacing your light bulb frequently.

Our 2D CFL units are extremely popular because they are slim and compact, which makes them easy to use.

2D lamps will require push fit connectors and are often fitted with slim luminaires. This makes them easy to use and also adds to their popularity. 2D Lamps have a wide variety of usages, especially in bulkheads, stairways, hallways and within emergency lighting units.

We supply 2D CFL lamps in 3 different wattages, 16W, 28W and 38W. Each of the wattages can be compared to traditional incandescent bulb wattages based on their light output to identify the extent of savings that can be made; for example, the 16W 2D is equivalent to 80W incandescent, 28W 2D is equivalent to 140W incandescent and 38W 2D is equivalent to 190W incandescent. They are available in either 2 pin or 4 pin and with a colour temperature of 3500k. The white light they produce is bright white which is suitable for good visibility.

Product Image Item Name- Price
28W 2D Lamp - 2 Pin

28W 2D Lamp - 2 Pin

Watts = 28W
Light Output = 2100 (140W Incandescent Equivalent)
Cap = 2 Pin GR8
Colour Temperature = 3500K

Rated Life of 10000 hours. This 28w 2D lamp is equivalent to a 140 watt traditional filament incandescent bulb. Dimensions : Length 200 mm and Width...
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