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LED Ceiling Lights

LED R80, R63 GU10, MR14, Ar111 & COB10 Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights come in a range of different shapes, sizes and types to suit a variety of purposes and rooms. The great thing about ceiling lights is that they aren’t restricted by the décor of the house, but are effective and will be well used wherever they are.

Some of the most popular ceiling lights such as spotlights and downlights are universally used and are essential for creating the right mood and feel. They highlight certain specific areas and can cast light onto specific parts of a room – they can create light in a dark corner in order to create a lighter space.

As they are universally used, to give an example, they can be used in bathrooms to direct light around the room. The joy of spotlights and downlights is that they can be directed to face anywhere, so in a room like the bathroom, they can highlight mirrors, the bathtub or basically anywhere you would like to highlight! In that sense, your own design can be created with what you wish to highlight. In bathrooms especially, it is positive and more popular to use spotlights or downlights because they prevent the need for having drop down fixtures which is better, design wise for bathrooms. Similarly, in kitchens downlights can be used to compliment ceiling fixtures and can highlight surfaces.

LED Ceiling lights are used a lot more in new builds and in modern houses because of their sleek and stylish look. The LED bulbs themselves are energy efficient and have cheap running costs; they also have long lifespan OF up to 50000 Hours. At Saving-Light-Bulbs, a lot of the bulbs use COB technology which makes the light even brighter. Overall, with how economical they are, the bulbs basically pay for themselves.

All of the LED Ceiling Lights are available in different colour temperatures and with different beam angles. Being given the choice of colour temperatures and beam angles is indicative of all the different purposes these bulbs can be used for and we try to accommodate all of those.

We also sell some peripheral accessories like fire hoods and junction boxes which can be used with the ceiling lights. Fire hoods are especially important because they ensure the light itself is fire rated.