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LED Filament G125

The LED Filament G125’s are large vintage style globes, they are 5 inches in diameter. These are very similar looking to the incandescent filament bulbs but much more energy efficient; they combine the beauty of the traditional vintage filament bulbs with the efficiency of the LED’s.

There are smaller and shorter filaments in one of the LED Filament G125’s the Saving Light Bulb’s sells, but this arguably makes the G125 stand out even more. The glass of the G125’s is clear which means that the omni-directional light is that much brighter and efficient. With the filaments being closer to the top of the bulb, even more light is emitted in multi-directional ways.

LED Filament G125 are being seen used in hotels, restaurants or bars more and more; the bulb can be hung on its own from a ceiling or in a row to create a really rustic look. It is becoming more and more desirable a look because of the ambiance and atmosphere it creates – especially in an eatery. We recommend that you use braided flex to hang the bulbs from, the braided flex is available in different colours to suit any style of interior design. They can be hung in a free space or they can be hung in a shade – there has also be instances where the bulb has been used in a lamp without the shade to allow the globe to be more visible and effective.

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LED Vintage Filament G125 8W

LED Vintage Filament G125 8W

Magnificent large globe LED bulbs boasting a very large size of 125mm/ 5 inches across. This vintage style LED filament g125 bulbs have the tradition...
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