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Dimmable CFL Spirals

Dimmable CFL’s do what their name says they do; they can be dimmed. Standard CFL’s don’t have the ability to be dimmed, but with the advanced integrated technologies, our energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs allow progressive dimming from 10% to 100% light output. In order to make the CFLs dimmable, they do need to be used alongside good dimmers. However, once dimmed, they will use even less electricity.

Our full spiral dimmable still has the standard shape of CFL’s, they just have the option to be dimmed. The option of being dimmable allows the bulbs to change the lighting in a room to suit a mood, ambiance or different purposes. This makes the bulbs much more variable. The colour of dimmable CFL’s is warm white which is the most common colouring used in interior spaces because the white light is subtle and more golden in colour.

Browse our stock of Dimmable CFL Spirals. These dimmable CFL’s are also very energy efficient; with the use of CFL technologies, they have up to 75% savings in comparison to other bulbs. They also have a long life of up to 10000 hours so they last a long time, save energy and don’t need to be changed as frequently as other bulbs. Currently available in 25W, they are equivalent to the 125W incandescent filament bulbs in their light output and energy levels.

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Dimmable 25W ES/ E27

Dimmable 25W ES/ E27

Watts = 25W
Light Output = 1400lm (125W Incandescent Equivalent))
Cap = ES/E27
Colour Temperature = 2700K
Dimming Range = 10% to 100%

Dimmable energy saving CFL light bulb with a rated Life of 10000 hours. 25 watts rated equivalent to a 125 watt traditional filament incandescent...
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Save: 75% off