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Lighting automation provides the best level of control for architectural lighting solutions. It allows you to set scenes for the different rooms and then seamlessly move from one scene to another at the touch of a button. A scene is a controlled level of lighting for each set of lights in a space so would typically set the ceiling light to a specific level and say some LED strip lighting an architectural feature to another level. Though this you can have a scene for say relaxation and another for reading light levels. The systems are then further controllable through iphones and ipads remotely. We primarily supply Rako systems because of their versatility and quality but would be pleased to assist in design solutions using other brands. If you are not opting for full lighting automation then it is important to use good quality LED dimmers. At SLB we test and select dimmers which are compatible with our LED lamps do you can be ensured of flicker free dimming.

We recommend the use of Rako equipment for lighting control as it combines the latest in technology with excellent aesthetics and control capability. There are just a few examples of the Rako products listed here but do supply their full range of products. Additionally we would be pleased to assist you in the design of control systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Lighting control and dimming is a complex subject so if you would like some advise please do not hesitate to contact us at SLB on 01420 520521.

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