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Informtaion of lighting schemes and architectural lighting together with details of how energy saving light bulbs can contribute to interior design.

Where To Install LED Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are meant to make your home look cozy and exciting. They act as focal points in any space. However, before installing LED ceiling lights, it’s important to understand the basics. In particular, it’s important to understand where to install LED ceiling lights. Here are a few things...
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12 Surprising Ways LED Filament Bulbs Are Better Than Traditional Bulbs

LEDs are transforming the lighting industry. Easy to install, LEDs are long-lasting and can help you save a lot of energy. Thus, if you are still using traditional bulbs, you are losing a lot. Switch to LED filament bulbs and enjoy amazing benefits. Here is why switching from traditional bulbs to LE...
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Some Views on the Future of Lighting

Lighting is quickly evolving. New technologies are coming aboard. Still more, new innovations are likely to dominate the next decade. Thus, it will not just stop at LEDs. The future looks bright. The following technologies will define the future of lighting. Semiconductor Revolution Currently,...
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