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How To Choose LED Batten Lights For Your Installation

The lighting industry is quickly evolving, bringing on board innovative solutions. For instance, LED battens are making lighting efficient and cost-effective. These lighting solutions are quickly becoming common in different settings, including homes, commercial spaces, institutions, etc. Before pur...
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Real 2 Way Dimming Using Varilight

Energy-saving, dimming gives you complete control over your lighting. Ideal for mood lighting, dimming will help you save energy. However, dimming technology is quickly changing. Nowadays, dimmer switches come with smart control features. To help you get it right with dimming, this article will disc...
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RGB/W Lighting Control from Sunnricher

Control in the lighting industry is advancing. New technologies keep on emerging, giving clients a myriad of options to choose from. For instance, you can control your RGB LED tape via DMX protocol or DMX LED controller. Whichever your preference, you have a myriad of options out there. RBG lighting...
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