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Introduction to the Saving Light Bulbs Blog | SLB Blog...

Introduction to the Saving Light Bulbs Blog

Saving Light Bulbs has been established for 2 prime reasons:-

  1. To bring high quality energy saving light bulbs to the market which offer good value and excellent energy saving opportunities for home and commercial property applications.
  2. To assist in the drive to create a greener environment by introducing products on to  the market which result in a reduction of CO2  emissions and less landfill.

In order to achieve these prime objectives Saving Light  Bulbs need to understand the market well and to keep abreast of current and future environmental issues. This is a complex issue with the range of technologies available, namely, CFL Bulbs, Halogen Bulbs and LED bulbs all with different levels of energy efficiency and all contributing in different ways to environmental sustainability.  For this reason this  Energy Saving Light Bulb Blog has been established to enable people to share views so we can better serve our customers and to contribute more significantly to environmental issues.

So please take a look through the posts and add your views and thoughts. In this way we can build a community to ensure that we have the right approach to environmental issues and ensure that Saving Light Bulbs  offer the right products to the market so people can save money and the environment.

5 thoughts on “Introduction to the Saving Light Bulbs Blog”

  1. halogen light bulbs are not an preferred option over LED light bulbs.
    LED light bulbs saves about 80% of the power over usual incandescent light bulbs. where as for halogen its lesser saving. also LED bulbs has got longer ratings life than halogen.

    1. What an excellent post! I love the clear explanation yet incredible detail, it must be able to reach a huge audience! It’s also an interesting subject, banning certain light bulbs is surprisingly interesting a subject. After reading it I decided to get some energy saving light bulbs, so I got some LED’s and they are brilliant! I now have LED’s wherever possible. Two of the advantages which I believe are not stated are that they don’t blind you if you accidently look directly are them and that they don’t get nearly as hot so they are brilliant for bedside lamps (have you ever burnt yourself on a bedside lamp? It hurts!). I am incredibly grateful and wish you, you posts and your site well.

  2. Congratulations on your blog, and the info on new bulbs.

    Still, regular incandescents have their advantages too, the society energy and emission savings are exaggerated.
    For example, effectively the same coal is burned at night whatever light bulb you use:
    Coal plants are slow loading steady electricity deliverers, calibrated for higher day use!

  3. Yes, it is true and it is better to use led light bulb as it is more environmentally-friendly alternative and it more efficient and power-wise. I know one lighting companies in Dubai that trades different high quality light bulbs.

  4. Definitely Led Lights are way much better than incandescent lights. As it is more brighter, cheaper and Environmental Friendly. The lifetime is indeed long.

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