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Commerical LED's

Commercial LED Lights - Redefine Lighting in Your Work Space

We offer an extensive range of commercial LED lights to cater a variety of industries and applications. We stock a wide range of LED lights for commercial clients, including LED Panels, T8 LED Tube Lights, 2D LED & Bulkheads, and LED Emergency Lights.

Make a Smart Choice! Purchase LED Lights for your Office

LED Panels are the most common light used in commercial situations, they come in a variety of different sizes and wattages to suit every application. Our high quality LED panels are cost effective, due to their size and the light they produce, as well as better than tubes. We also offer 3 hour emergency packs with our LED panels, which means the panel will continue to produce light even after power failure. We also carry emergency packs that are specifically designed for LED tube lights.

Our high quality LED tubes and battens are a direct replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes and give a 60% energy saving. They have 5 times longer life which is good for commercial purposes because the lights won’t need frequent changing. Our energy efficient LED tubes can be used immediately after changing out fluorescent tubes. We stock LED tube lights in different lengths and wattage.

2D’s have directional beams which are great for illumination and prevent as much wastage as you would get by using a CFL. Due to the bulbs using LED technology, there will be no flickers so they are reliable and have a long life.

Due to the fact that all the commercial bulbs are LED’s, it means they last longer and don’t need to be changed as much, which reduces maintenance costs and makes them much more reliable and efficient.