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6400K Cool Daylight Full Spirals

Daylight full spirals with compact dimensions are an ideal replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. With the CFL technology they possess, the daylight bulbs have a 75% saving over traditional incandescent bulbs. They also have a long life of 10000 rated hours which means that as well as giving huge savings, they also last for a long time.

The daylight has a colour temperature of 6400k which produces a very bright light usually used for reading in bed or in work areas and especially good for elderly people with poor vision or who might need extra help. 6400k is a cool daylight colour which is reflected through the name!

Daylight CFL ceiling light is currently available in two different wattages of 15W and 25W. The 15W CFL daylight is equivalent to the 60W traditional incandescent bulb and the 25W daylight is equivalent to the 100W traditional incandescent. This shows the extent of light output it produces as well as the saving that can be had with using the CFL daylight.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Daylight 25W ES/ E27

Daylight 25W ES/ E27

Watts = 25W
Light Output = 1520lm (100W Incandescent Equivalent)
Cap = ES/E27
Colour Temperature = 6400K

Rated Life of 10000 hours. 25 watts rated equivalent to a 100 watt traditional filament incandescent bulb. Dimensions : Length approx 153mm and...