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12v MR16 LED Bulbs

MR16 LED Bulbs often replace MR16 halogen’s and serve as an ideal energy efficient direct replacement. The MR16 requires 12 volt AC or DC electric power supply.

Our 12v MR16 LED bulbs are available with two different beam angles; the standard beam is 50 degrees or the narrow beam is 15 degrees. The narrow beam is generally used to highlight a particularly interior feature or to accentuate something. Unfortunately the narrow beam is available in warm white only because the colour temperature works best for interior use. Cool white is the other colour temperature in which MR16 LED light bulbs are available and are ideal for work places as the light is whiter and gives more clarity in offices or other work spaces.

The bright light it gives off is even better because there is minimal heat giving, this means that more energy is going back into the light helping it last longer instead of being wasted through heat. Our range of 12v MR16 LED light bulbs has a rated life of 30000 hours. The aluminium casing of light acts as a reflector, optimising the light output and further ensuring the brightness of light.

We have MR16 LED light bulbs that are dimmable but if you don’t need it to be dimmed, it will work with a majority of standard halogen transformers. It has a built in driver so it can be operated with most standard 12 volt halogen transformers without affecting performance or lifespan, however to make the most of the bulb being dimmable, a compatible dimmable driver and dimmer switch will need to be used. Once these are acquired, the LED MR16 light bulb can be dimmed to around 10% of the maximum brightness.

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12v MR16 LED COB 5w dimmable

MR16 LED COB 5w dimmable

Watts = 5W
Efficiency = 90 Lumens/Watt
Lumens = 450lm (50W MR16 Halogen Equivalent)
Colour Temperature = 2700K/6000K

Rated life of 30000 hours. The very latest technology COB LED spot which genuinely produces similar light output to a 50-60W halogen MR16. This LED...
5.98£11.98  £5.98
Save: 50% off

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