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LED Drivers

These units are compatible with our LED lamps. Our LED MR16 lamps will work with standard AC or DC transformers as they have drivers built in. Additionally you will not see any loss of performance or reduction in life span by using standard 12volt halogen transformers. However, if you want to utilise the dimming capability of the MR16's you need to use specialist drivers and dimmer switches. If you use standard devices which are not made for LED's and the low current levels then you may see flickering of the lamps when dimmed and additionally they will not dim down to a low level. For this reason we have selected and tested some very high quality compatible drivers.
There are 12v and 24v PSU's in this category should you need 24 volt for compatibility and less voltage drop.
The occupancy sensors are microwave controlled and allow control of lighting through detection of movement alleviating the need for switching. In their basic form the sensors will turn on the lights when people are detected in a space assuming that the light level is below the set threshold. For more sophisticated operation the sensors will allow lights to be switched on with movement for a prescribed hold time and then dim to a set level typically between 10% and 30% of full brightness. The sensors come from leading brands including Hytronik.
Also we supply professional quality trailing edge dimmers with soft start and silent operation which are compatible with our LED bulbs.