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The benefits of LED tubes over fluorescent tubes

Incandescent Vs. LEDFor years, lighting up commercial spaces and residential homes was a no-brainer. It involved a lot of planning. Most folks simply stuck with linear fluorescent lights (abbreviated as LFLs) — and for some good reasons. First, they offer quality light output; they are efficient and have a fantastic lifespan. In fact, the T8 lamps used about 40 percent less energy as compared to their older counterparts T12 lamps, which are now phased-out. Now, comes a new player in the commercial lighting area, which has great promises of offering better efficiency: the linearT8 LED.

The big question

 So the question is; does the T8 LED have what it takes to swap out your tried-and-true linear fluorescent lights (LFLs)? To help you make an informed decision, this article is going to walk you through the benefits of T8 LEDs:

 Mercury Free – The absence of mercury-free is a big plus. Unlike fluorescents, light-emitting diodes contain no mercury, making them some of the safest lighting systems for the environment in the market today.

 Dimmable – Most LED lighting systems possess full dimming capabilities, while fluorescents are very expensive when it comes to dimming them and perform so poorly.

 Directional Lighting – With LEDs, you can achieve directional light (i.e. they can illuminate exactly where you need them to). But fluorescents are characterized by multi-directional lighting. This means that some light is likely to get lost in the fixture as well as other unnecessary places.

Works fine with controls – Most fluorescent lighting systems tend to burn out quicker even when integrated with common occupancy sensors as well as other controls. On the contrary, LED lighting systems work perfectly with all control systems, thanks to the fact that their life is not dependent on turning them on or off.

 Superior efficiency – The newest LEDs are about 30 percent more efficient their LFLs counterparts.

 Quality light ­- Today’s LED lighting systems can output light in an assortment of color temperatures that are similar to fluorescent but do not experience any flickering issue that is common with most fluorescents.

Lifespan – On average, the life of a LED lighting system is 50,000 hours, while that of LFL is about 30,000 hours.

I Vs. LED Shatterproof (potentially) – Most LED tubes have been designed with a shatterproof coating. However, with linear fluorescent, one had to either order a specific shatterproof fluorescent lamp or utilize a tube guard which can be very costly.

The only issue with LEDs is the initial upfront cost. However, with rebates, several tax incentives, as well as huge energy saving capabilities, you are likely to see a high ROI faster than you would expect.

The golden advice

It is vital that you first crunch the numbers (that applies to your particular situation) to determine whether that initial expense really makes sense as far as your business is concerned. You should conduct a thorough cost/benefit analysis and consider all factors when choosing between LFL and LED. Also, do your research. Ask the experts. But, one thing for sure is that LEDs are better than LFLs.

A Guide to LED Emergency Lighting

E1LED Emergency lighting is usually meant for emergency situations where the primary power supply gets disconnected and every normal illumination fails. This could result from a power cut or a fire outbreak. It’s essential that LED emergency lighting automatically operates fully and provides sufficient illumination to enable all occupants to leave the premises safely.

So, if you are considering LED emergency lighting system, here is all you should know:

LED Emergency Lighting: The basics

Most buildings nowadays incorporate sophisticated LED emergency lighting fixtures installed during construction; the design of equipment being chosen by the architect as per the current local authority requirements as well as Building Regulations. Emergency LED lighting is often sub-divided into standby lighting and emergency escape lighting.

Cost matters

Generally, the decision to utilize a self-contained LED Emergency Lighting system or a central battery will probably be determined by cost. If an installation is durable and has low maintenance requirements, then central batteries, though quite expensive, might be ideal for larger projects. Typically, costs and luminaries are major issues of concern, especially on smaller jobs, and it’s this criterion that makes the self-contained systems more popular.

LED emergency lighting driver temperature

Ensure that your LED emergency lighting has been subjected to aging plus electronic load tests. This helps to ascertain whether the LED emergency lighting panels can withstand excessive temperatures. This guarantees performance, safety, and stability.

Emergency escape lighting

Emergency escape lighting refers to that part of the emergency lighting system, which supplies illumination for the safety of persons vacating a location or attempting to end a potentially hazardous process beforehand.

Standby lighting

Standby lighting is often provided to allow normal activities to continue substantially without being changed.

Consultation and design

The first thing to do when installing LED Emergency Lighting escape illumination is consultation and design. Both the fire risk assessor and the designer should meet and make comprehensive decisions on where the system is required and chalk up a plan illustrating the type of power supply, the locations to be covered, facilities, duration, and mode of operation.

The next step…..

Having decided on the type of LED emergency lighting system you’d like to install, then go ahead and choose specific positions for the lighting signs and units within specific premises. This will then help you choose the right equipment. Remember, emergency LED lighting signs should be carefully sited in order to create clear exit routes that lead to the ultimate exits from the building. Where the exit isn’t identifiable, a visible sign should be utilized instead of a lighting unit. Special concern should be paid to directional changes, individual stairways, floor level changes, corridor intersections, plant rooms, and toilet areas. Access to firefighting equipment as well as fire alarm call stations should be properly illuminated.

Mode of operation

Mode of operation is a vital factor to consider when choosing LED Emergency lighting systems. Thus, you should take into considerations principle factors like maintained or non-maintained. The use of the premises in question determines whether to go for a maintained or non- maintained LED Emergency Lighting system.

LED Emergency Lighting: The advantages

• Installation is extremely fast and affordable
• Low hardware material costs
• Standard wiring material might be used
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Burn-through will automatically fulfill the need for luminaries to be lit
• No unique sub-circuit monitoring requirements
• Increased integrity and efficiency

LED Emergency Lighting: Disadvantages

• Testing requires isolation
• With varying environmental conditions throughout the system, the batteries might be severely affected by high or low ambient temperatures
• Battery life is often limited to four years, depending on the application

Bottom line

E2LED Emergency Lighting systems have become very popular these days- thanks to their low energy consumption, efficiency, and flexibility. However, before you rush into getting your LED Emergency Lighting system, it is vital to understand the basics (what they are and how to choose the best). The above guide will help you in getting the best.

The advances in G9 LED capsules

CAPSULE 1With the escalating need for new lighting systems, it seems you are living in the world of new trends, where the possibilities of emergent technologies are endless. New lighting systems like G9 capsules (popular lighting systems) have continued to rock the lighting industry. The G9 capsules are ideal in small spaced settings that require a higher amount of light. Since their discovery, these LED options have continued to be a whimsical alternative to ancient halogen capsules. The G9 LED capsules save energy, are cheaper to run, and do emit the same amount of light as ancient halogen capsules.

With that in mind, here is what you should know about the advances that have catapulted the LED revolution.

But, first get the basics right.

Why move from watts to lumens?
Watts is a measure of how much energy the light bulb uses, while lumens are used to measure the amount of light the lighting system gives out. Similar to watts, the higher the value of lumens, the brighter your light will be. For instance, a 1521 lumen bulb (which is a 100W equivalent) is brighter than an 800-lumen bulb (which is 60W equivalent).

G9 LED Capsules

G9 LED Lamps & Capsules can be direct replacements for G9 halogen capsules, however, they can be a lot larger than normal halogen capsules; so, it is important to check if they will fit into the fitting or not. It is also imperative to check that the LED G9’s have adequate ventilation because otherwise the LED’s or internal drivers can overheat resulting in failure.

G9 capsules are LED in nature. As such, they emit minimal heat, which makes G9 capsules efficient and energy-saving. In fact, they can save up to 88% amount of energy as compared to standard capsules.


The Omni-directional G9 LED capsule is  indisputably effective due to the fact that they emit light equally, effectually as well as multi-directionally. Moreover, they do not heat up –which allows the LED capsules to be surprisingly efficient and reliable. Most G9 LED capsules feature a warm white color which perfectly suits interior living areas.

G vs. ES

The most common type of light bulb is indisputably the Edison Screw (ES) light bulb. Actually, ES is the threaded connector which Thomas Edison had patented and utilized. These types of bulbs are available in sizes like E11, E14, as well as E17. The numbers denote the base size. On the other hand, the “G” in G-type LED bulbs represents “glass,” from which they were initially made.

The G-Type revolution

CAPSULE 2Invented towards the end of the 19th century, the G-type bulbs offer a fantastic alternative to conventional bulbs to circumvent Edison’s patent. That is why they have a unique base shape. Similar to the Edison Screw bulb, the G bulb is manufactured in different sizes, the G9 light bulb being one of them. The “9” is meant to denote the actual number of millimeters in between the 2 adjacent pins.

1. Wider beam angle

With a 360° beam angle, the G9 capsule bulbs offer the widest beams you can find on the market today. So you only need a fewer number bulbs to light up larger spaces.

2. Durability boosted

They last over a decade.

G9 technology takes care of how long your LED lighting system will last. The technology ensures that your lighting system lasts for at least 25,000 hours, which is about 15 years (on average use) of service.

The bottom line

LEDs are ruling the lighting sphere. They are efficient and consume low energy. That is why, if you haven’t embraced this new trend, you are missing a lot. Try LED capsules today and redefine your living space!

Buyer Guide To LED Tubes

TUBE 1Purchasing lighting systems used to be a cinch. When your 80-watt incandescent burnt out, all you could do is simply buy more 60-watt bulbs. However, incandescent could waste lots of energy and created warm a glow. Consequently, they were phased out. As technology advanced, energy-saving CFLs were introduced to replace incandescent, temporarily, and as time went by, LED tubes arrived in major electrical stores.

Solicitous choice for your living room

Energy-efficient, long-life, as well as environmentally friendly, LED tubes are the solicitous choice for any modern living room. Contemporary LED lighting choices are becoming more and more diverse. This means that they can find their way into any home, whether as exquisite chandeliers, lighting beneath your kitchen cabinets or vivifying the exterior of your compound. To help you get the best deal in the market, this article is going to deep dive you into the basics of buying the best LED tubes for your living space.

Choosing the LED that’s right for you- Factors to consider?

Almost all lighting manufacturers have migrated to LEDs. So if your lighting fixture is non-LED, you are missing a lot. Make a move today.

Shop for a LED lighting system that addresses your lighting needs. Nonetheless, it is vital to understand your preferred design.

So, if you’ve been looking a “set-and-forget” like LED lighting fixture that can serve you for years to come, here are the factors you should consider:


  • Thermal Management: Always ensure that your LED lighting fixture has been designed with proper thermal management plus heat dissipation.
  • Color Quality and Accuracy: Always ask for a proof that the LED fixture has the color you want.
  • Safety Certifications: Don’t forget to check the UL listing and RoHS registry to ascertain the safety of your lighting fixture.
  • Material Quality: Then material used determines the fixture’s performance and longevity.
  • Test Reports: Always ask your supplier for test reports to confirm claims of brightness as well as longevity.
  • Warranty: Also, demand to be given a warranty.

Pros of LED lighting fixtures

In simple terms, LED lights are efficient. Typically, a LED light fixture uses about 90% less of electricity when compared to an incandescent version. Also, LED light bulbs tend to last significantly longer than their traditional counterparts-the incandescent lighting system. As such you won’t spend much effort and time replacing your living room’s bulbs. Think about those recessed lamps that are hard-to-reach, especially in a vaulted ceiling!

Other benefits of using LED lighting fixture include:

  • Robustness/Durability: LED lighting fixtures are relatively sturdy, a feature that minimizes the risk of breakage and continual repairs/replacements.
  • Safety: LED lighting systems are safe since they do not heat up like conventional light bulbs. This reduces the risk of light-related fires and burns.

LED fixtures: The options

TUBE 3You can swap out your living room’s existing light bulbs for LED tubes, or update the fixtures to one featuring integrated LEDs, or go for lamps which have been built into the lighting fixture’s design.

While you were used to LEDs primarily for task lighting and outdoor spaces, the versatility of new design means that you can use them in any room of your choice, including:

  • Decorative ceiling lighting systems
  • Recessed lighting settings
  • Wall lighting system
  • Bath lights
  • Vanity lights
  • Desk and task lamps
  • Under cabinet lighting systems
  • Outdoor and landscaping lights



LED tubes

Here are common LED tubes you can buy in the market today:

T4 LED tubes

T4  tubes are compact, light, and easy to install, which makes them ideal for lighting up your kitchen counter and worktop. These tubular bulbs consume 8-10 times less energy than conventional light bulbs and will realise a 50% saving on fluorescent tubes.  This makes them a perfect choice for households looking to save big on energy costs

T5 LED tubes

T5 LED  tubes are installed to light-up almost everything -from aquariums to factories, learning institutions, modern offices, retails shops and supermarkets, and underground railway tunnels. T5 tubes are cost effective and can effectively light up larger spaces. They can last 30,000+hours and feature relatively low mercury content, which ensures that they have negligible environmental impact.

T8 LED tubes

T8 tubes possess excellent color rendering capabilities, which vividly bring out the details of your clothes as well as furniture. Common settings where T8 LED tubes can be used include retail stores, auto garages, modern offices, schools plus conference rooms.  These come in a variety of lenghts 2 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot with the most polular being the 5ft led tube .


The diversity of LED tubes

LED lighting fixtures possess exceptional directionality features, which makes them a great option in lighting applications like task and reading lamps, pendants and overhead, accents and displays, cove lighting, outdoor and landscape accent lighting, linear strip lighting ,ceiling cans, and stair as well as walkways. LEDs can also be used in art lighting since they do not produce Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation, which makes them safe for artwork.

Buying Exclusive LED Flat Panels: The Secrets

PANEL FLAT 1With tens of thousands of LED panels manufacturers as well as suppliers in today’s marketplace, it might prove hard to choose the best ones. As such, you must be careful, especially if it is your first time with the LED revolution.A quick glance should offer you the LED insights so as you can pick exclusive LED products capable of saving a substantial amount of power and even last longer.So, the following factors should be of help to you in deciding the best LED panels that can serve you for many years to come.

Light guide plate plus its driver

The LED panel’s quality is dependent on the light guide plate along with its driver. The light guide plate determines the light transmittance as well as power conversion efficiency. The power factor and the life span of the whole light system are determined by the driver. As such, it’s vital to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of these two important factors when purchasing panels.For instance, the 600×600 led ceiling panel has been manufactured with precision to serve you for years to come.

The right panel system

Flat LED PanelNow that you understand how crucial the two are, let’s deep dive into how you can select the right LED panel system:

Selecting LED light guide plate: Go for panels that feature light guide plates and those with PMMA light guide plates after only half year of usage, such as the 600×600 led panel. Well, PS materials are popular in most countries across the globe, thanks to their affordability. However, it can easily turn yellow and get dark spots –something that can decrease the panel’s power conversion efficiency. Moreover, PMMA material has an ant-aging and possesses superior light transmittance capacity as compared to PS materials.

• Selecting LED light panel driver – Large driver cripples are the major cause of LED light flickers. Typically, a superior PF value must come with a flicker, which cannot be detected by a naked human eye but. Since a low PF value driver utilizes lots of energy as well as power, a predetermined PF value is needed on LED drivers (typically 10+w panel lights). Due to the high cost, existing drivers with high PF value mostly have flicker.

Other performance factors

The following factors should also be considered before purchasing LED panels for your specific needed.

Aluminum Frame

Go for LED flat panel lights (like the 600×600 led panel) that utilize aluminum housing (environmentally friendly) featuring rapid heat dissipation, anodized, as well as anti-corrosion properties since they are long lasting and have superior performance. Some of the shortcomings of inferior aluminum panels are low heat dissipation capacity, general weakness, reduced chip life and rapid fading light.

LED light panel driver temperature

PANEL FLAT CEILING 4You should ensure that your manufacturer has conducted aging and electronic load tests on the LED panels. This is to ascertain whether the panels can bear extreme temperatures (101℃-138℃). Panels that pass this test tend to perform better, are safer, and stable, which makes them long-lasting. You can count on panels like 600×600 led ceiling panel when it comes to bearing extreme temperatures.

Insurance and warranty

Insurance is meant to protect LED panels against manufacturing defects and assure you of the product warranty. The manufacturer in question must offer you full support when it comes to warranty claims and subsequent repairs/ replacements.

LED light luminous efficiency

Ensure that the luminous efficiency of your LED flat panel light is 120l+m/w. Also, check that it has no flicker and has a top power efficiency of 0.9+. Also ensure that:
• It has high CRI (Ra>80)
• The THD is less than15%
• The DLC is under 4.0 standards.

Varilight V-PRO Dimmers: Placing Timeless Possibility In Customer’s Hands!

Vpro dimmer range

Vpro dimmer range

Varilight V-Pro series includes programmable intelligent dimmers and comes with an array of dimming modes for broader compatibility and adjustable min brightness setting. They are versatile and feature options of up to 300watts.Equipped with push on/off features, these products looks are set to guarantee you maximum safety, especially if you have playful children at your home. Varilight V-Pro dimmers are manufactured using superior dimming technology in order to achieve the finest dimming performance at a given load.

To optimize performance and compatibility with the ever-rising assortment of lighting options, Varilight V-Pro dimmers have been programmed, offering a choice of intelligent dimming modes. The technology allows users to set the minimum load level for their dimmer so as to optimize on the dimming range of a certain lighting load.


Varilight standard V-Pro dimmers, such as Z0JP250-P , are outfitted with a push-on/push-off switching action plus rotary dimming. This is particularly important when it comes to changing the driving modes and adjusting the minimum brightness using the dimmer control’s pushes and the signals that come from the lamps.

Varilight have designed their V-Pro dimmers to control LED lighting loads that require trailing –edge/ leading-edge control featuring options of 0 to120W (maximum 10 LEDs) as well as of 10 to 300W (maximum 30 LEDs). The model for the 300 watts maximum load is the MJP300 .

They also manufacture a range of touch/ remote control dimmers.
Suitable loads

Varilight V-Pro series dimmers, including the Z0JP250-P, are compatible with LEDs and can work with almost all dimmable LEDs. Also, they are ideal for halogen /incandescent lighting and a good number of dimmable electronic transformers. Additionally, they can work well with electronic devices having no minimum load. They have been designed to work with dimmers with low energy lighting.
To achieve the best results with low voltage lighting, go for Varilight intelligent dimmer switches featuring Varilight electronic transformers. With Varilight V-Pro series, you don’t have to worry about the limit when it comes to the number of transformers you can use you can use since it is limitless. But, you must stay within the maximum rating of that particular dimmer.


Polished Brass Vpro
Polished Brass Vpro

Varilight electronic transformers are ideal for regulating 12V alternate current- rated LEDs (MR16). Don’t use V-Pro dimmers with wire-wound transformers.

Formats available in

Varilight V-Pro dimmers with a maximum load of 120W are available in 1-, 2-, 3- as well as 4-Gang Dimmers (decorative finishes) formats. They can also be in replacement modules and power grid modules. You can also buy them in formats such as multi-grid modules (Schneider/GET grid or for MK Crabtree)
VARILIGHT V-Pro dimmers (with high power of up to 300watts) are available in 1-, 2- as well as 3-Gang (decorative finishes) formats. You can still get them in replacement and power grid module formats.

Go for the best

The latest V-Pro series from Varilight are low profiled, light weight, made of stainless steel material, and use the contemporary solid state technology, which ensures that they serve you for years to come. This can be seen in dimmers like the Z0JP250-P . With these smart devices, multi-stage dimming of any load can be quickly accomplished, regardless of the source of light-LED, halogen, or lamp brand. They offer smooth dimming, from full bright to complete off.

To optimize performance and enhance functionality, they have been accessorized with adjustable astronomic timing, dual-zone output, and on-the-fly override. They have a user-friendly interface; this set-up is quick and easy. So, go for the best!

Rako Wired vs Wireless Systems

Rako is one the leading lighting control systems which performance admirably against the competition Lutron and Control 4 but does benefit by being of lower cost and it is easier to install. This makes it an ideal choice for high end residential and commercial properties.
One of the key benefits of Rako is the wireless solution which makes it a first choice for retrofits to existing properties where the lighting wiring is in place but there is no automation.
The key element of lighting control is to be able to select lighting scenes for a space which are set at the push of a button which will dim all the different lighting circuits to a prescribed level in the room. Rako allows you to have between 2 and 7 lighting scenes dependent on the selection of the control panel. For example a RCM-100 will allow 7 scenes to be programmed and a RCM-070 4 scenes.

Rako RCM070
4 scene control panel
7 scene control panel

Typically the scenes can light different areas of the space and allow for relaxation or for working by setting the light levels to the appropriate setting.

The Wireless Dimmers.

The RMT500 wireless dimmer is a trailing edge dimmer unit which has compact proportions and accordingly can be slipped up into the ceiling void through down-lighter holes. This means the converting a conventionally wired property to lighting control is straightforward and the existing wiring can normally be used. As the control panels are wireless these can then be positioned in place of the existing light switches or alternatively placed elsewhere in the room as no switch wiring is needed. The RMT500 is a very versatile dimmer which works very well on good quality LEDs anb depending on the back load of the LEDs can operate up to 500 watts of load. For larger loads the RMT1200 is a preferred choice as this can handle loads up to 1200w. There are leading edge dimmers available as well which are often better for incandescent or dimmable fluorescent loads. More details on the dimmer please take a look here RMT500.

RMT500 Wireless Dimmer

Benefits if the Wireless System

  • Good for retrofits and no switch wires needed
  • Lower cost of control panels
  • Extra control panels can be easily introduced at a late stage as no wiring needed

Wired Systems

For a wired system the RAK4 dimmers would normally be used, typically the RAK-4T which is a 4 channel trailing edge dimmer. These are normally located in a control room and all the lighting circuits would be run back to this room. The RAK-4T will take 4 channels but these can be linked together with a RAK-LINK to allow up to 8 RAK-4T dimmers to be connected together.

Rako RAK-4T
RAK 4T Wired Dimmer

The other element of the wired system is the control panels. With the wired system then the control panels typically the WCM-070 would be daisy chained together with CAT5e cabling. If it is more convenient then a RAK-STAR can be used which means the control panels can be star wired from the control room.
However it is still possible to utilise the wireless control panels with the RAK system. This is done by introducing a RX-Link which allows wireless devices for instance control panels, to be connected into the Rako RAK dimmers.

Benefits of Wired System

  • No batteries needed for control panels
  • Control panels have back lit buttons for ease of viewing in the dark
  • Programming easier where it is desired to control lighting is different rooms from certain control panels
  • No limitation on RF signal strength and no distance limitations

Buyers Guide to LED Panels

LEDs are gaining popularity across the globe because of their unprecedented features. When it comes to a commercial application, nothing can beat the performance of advanced LED panels. Modern LED panels are designed to offer high quality lighting than any other forms of illumination available. As a result, more and more commercial property owners are using LED panels to illuminate their premises.

Now the question arises, why one should consider LED panels over any other lighting? Let’s find out…

Size of the LED Panels


A wide variety of LED panels are available on the market today. You must choose them according to your lighting needs as well as premises. If you have smaller office, you can go for 600x600mm LED Ceiling Light Panels because they are ideal for offices having smaller space and fit directly in to the ceiling grid. The panels are actually made to be 595x595mm so they fit. However, choose 1200x600mm LED Panels, if you have larger premises to illuminate. Note- both these LED panels have their own advantages. Explore all the specifications and technical details before placing an order.

Emergency battery pack


For commercial premises you will normally need an emergency light which will provide at least 1 lux of light for a minimum of 3 hours. Alternatively, if you have your office in an area, which is prone to frequent power failure or fluctuation, then choose LED light panels that are designed to provide consistent, and flicker free light for hours even after power cut. All you need to do is to buy an emergency battery pack with the LED panel. It will provide uninterrupted light and improve the overall productivity of your business.

Colour temperature

You might be aware that the range of colour temperature varies from 2700K to 6500K. In other words, it gives you the liberty to choose the colour temperature according to your working environment. If you have a restaurant or a hotel, choose soft white light because it creates a warm, welcoming and gentle ambiance. In fact, it is also ideal for living and dining rooms. On the other hand, cool white light is perfect for normal offices that require sufficient lighting to perform daily tasks. However, if the nature of work is somewhat precision oriented, you must choose daylight.



If you are remodelling your premises then you have the option to choose thin LED panels. For better result, choose 600x600mm LED panels because they are ultra thin – just 10mm thick, which makes them ideal for commercial applications.

So, consider the above points before buying LED panels. However, it must be noted that it is advisable to order LED panels of different colour temperature and after checking their functionality and output, order them in bulk quantity.

Here are a few advantages of having Led Panels:

• Quick and economical installation.
• Provide sophisticated and professional look.
• Durable, beautiful and eye-soothing.
• Deliver high quality bright light.
• Functional, non-toxic and eco-friendly.
• Ideal for modern homes as well as offices.
• Last longer.
• Flexible, suitable and maintenance free.
• Unmatched performance.
• Ensure efficient light output.
• Produce warm and pleasing light.
• Available in multiple designs and styles.
• Perfect for large office space.
• Reduce energy cost.
• LED panels are compatible and can easily fitted to ceilings.

Significance of Varilight’s V-PRO Dimmers

If your are looking to create the perfect atmosphere for your home, you must choose dimmable LED lights. These lights are specially designed to provide warm and bright light. Today, a wide variety of dimmable LED lights are available on the market. But what about the dimmer modules? Thanks to Varilight, now we have got a wide range of advanced V-PRO Dimmers.

These Varilight V-PRO Dimmers are designed to offer the best possible dimming performance. With the help of Varilight’s V-PRO Dimmers, you can easily control dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs, electronic low voltage transformers, and much more to make the environment pleasing, cosy and classy.

Wall dimmers and Modules

The Vpro can be purchased in a number of different styles of faceplate to match with the Varilight Product Range. By example there are plain white, the Classic range or the screwless low profile Dimension range. Then within these ranges there is a choice between brushed steel, polished chrome, premium white, black and a number of other finishes which can be selected to match your interior.
Alternatively you can just tale the dimmer modules and fit these into existing dimmer faceplates. This is particularly useful if you are retrofitting an LED dimmer into an old fashioned dimmer which needs upgrading to work with LEDs.

Features of Varilight’s Z0JP250-P 1G Vpro Dimmer Module

One of the most significant features of Varilight’s Z0JP250-P 1G Vpro Dimmer Module is that it provides stable light output. Additionally you can select the mode of your dimmer to match the lights you are dimming. This means you would normally select trailing edge dimming for LEDs and leading edge dimming for other lights.

It must be noted that, these dimmer modules are ideal for halogen and filament lamps. They also have a soft start capability with overload protection, which prevents it from abrupt powerful failure. Unquestionably, it provides you complete peace of mind

Advantages of using Varilight Z0JP250-P 1G Vpro Dimmer Module

• Flexible, smart and compatible.
• Provides better dimming control.
• Ideal for optimum dimming.
• Advanced and cost-effective.
• Intelligent load detection.
• Can be switched between trailing edge and leading edge dimming mode.
• The minimum dim level can be set which is particularly useful for LEDs which flicker at low loads.

More details on this versatile dimmer can be seen here Varilight Dimmer Module z0jp250-p

The High Powered Varilight MJP300 Vpro Dimmer Module


For installations where the 120w maximum LED load is not sufficient, Varilight have now brought out the MJP300 high powered dimmer module. This has all the benefits of the standard version but will take a load up to 300 watts. This is especially useful for dimming arrays of ceiling lights or even LED panels.

More details of the high powerred dimmer module can be seen here Varilight High Power Module MJP300

How to use a switched light in a multi-gang dimmer plate


In a number of instances there is the need to have switched light in a multi-gang dimmer plate. The way to accommodate this is to use the Varilight Z0H0 . This has the same visual style as the rotary dimmers but operates as a switch by pushing on and off. This is excellent for non-dimmable LEDs or fluorescent lights which are normally non dimmable.

As it is suitable for a wide variety of halogen and LEDs, you can use them at your home or office according to your requirements. No doubt, you can use dimmable modules to achieve the best possible dimming performance.

People choose different types of dimmable modules from other manufacturers as well; however, they always do not get the expected output, but when it comes to Varilight Z0JP250-P 1G Vpro Dimmer Module, the thing is somewhat different because it has the capacity to provide you with optimum output and ultimate comfort.

On top of that people choose these dimmers because they can be easily adjusted according to their lighting requirements . So, get ready to experiment with Varilight’s V-PRO Dimmers.

Varilight Ranges: Transform Your Living Room Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Varilght Pastel Colours
Varilght Pastel Colours

Varilight, the brand name of Doyle and Tratt Products Ltd., was established in 1973 with the main aim of manufacturing dimmer switches as well as decorative electrical accessories. Since then, the company has established itself as an industry leader in the manufacture of various electrical devices, thanks to its many years of experience in this field. In fact, Varilight products have managed to penetrate the market and gain an international reputation when it comes to quality, style as well as value. No wonder, Varilight was voted to be the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise of 2006 (which was under the continuous innovation category).

The technology

Due to its vibrant and continual innovation in the field of electrical systems, Varilight was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2006. Varilight understands that innovative technical solutions are the only way they can give their products the edge. They have put in place a patented overload protection system (a cost effective solution) that can benefit even an entry-level dimmers. Moreover, the Varilight microprocessor intelligent dimmers are manufactured to allow for rotary, touch, as well as control dimming. The Varilight range has been made with diversity in mind. Also, they have been accessorized with security dimmers that can accurately simulate occupancy in case you aren’t around. Additionally, they include nursery dimmers. So, you only have to gently set them to glow during bedtime in your kid’s room. Varilight relies on the latest technological breakthrough in manufacturing the world’s best dimmable compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). To achieve exceptional energy-saving devices, Varilight combines CFL and dimmer.

The Varilight range has been made with diversity in mind. Also, they have been accessorized with security dimmers that can accurately simulate occupancy in case you aren’t around. Additionally, they include nursery dimmers. So, you only have to gently set them to glow during bedtime in your kid’s room. Varilight relies on the latest technological breakthrough in manufacturing the world’s best dimmable compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). To achieve exceptional energy-saving devices, Varilight combines CFL and dimmer.

The Varilight white dimmers

Varilight LogoVarilight uses superior technology that features executive dimming circuitry and design features.It also uses cost-effective white plastic and comes in an array of styles such as remote controlled and touch-sensitive dimming accessories. This range encompasses extremely intelligent dimming devices of the white finish.

The Varilight ultra-flat

Featuring super-slim faceplates, Varilight products (which are super slim) offers a sleek classy look that can redefine conventional as well as modern interiors alike. Varilight understands the importance of attention to detail.As such; they have endeavored to pair metal faceplates with flawlessly coordinated metal switch rockers, well-designed toggles as well as control knobs.

The Varilight dimension screwless

The Varilight dimension screwless is ideal for those who want an ultimate style but low profile metal accessories. These products are coordinated with metal switch rockers, modern toggles as well as control knobs. To create a flawless finish, clip-on faceplates which hide the fixing screws for a simpler decoration has been incorporated.

Go for quality, style, and class

Varilight SwitchesGoing for Varilight products might be a deal maker. Consult an interior designer – and transform your living room beyond your wildest dreams! They are classy, durable, and designed using some of the best technologies around. They are flawlessly manufactured and cannot disappoint you. So, if class, style, and quality are what you have been looking for, then Varilight products might be great additions to your living room. Why not take a look at our Varilight Range