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Downlight Fire Hoods

Our LED AR111 reflector lamps are extremely energy efficient compared to traditional halogen AR111 lamps. LED AR111’s are designed to emit bright superior light while offering excellent energy savings. The AR111’s emit a high quality bright light which is popular for use in retail and commercial premises.

Our LED AR111’s are lit by 7 high powered LED’s, which produces an evenly spread bright light with a beam angle of 30 degrees. This is ideal for use in commercial and retail because the light is direct, bright and long lasting with a rated life of 30000 hours. In addition, our efficient LED bulb products adhere to the Carbon Trust Specification.

Common Applications of AR111 LED -

  • Retail And Commercial Premises
  • Interior use

Features of AR111 LED -

  • Dimmable
  • Compatible
  • Produces controllable light
  • Provides stable light output
  • Provides you complete peace of mind
  • Compatible with most dimmer switches

Product Image Item Name- Price
12w LED AR111 230v dimmable

12w LED AR111 230v dimmable

Watts = 12
Lumens = 600-720lm
Colour Temperature = 2700K/4200K
Dimming Range = 5% To 100%

12w dimmable LED AR111 producing a very controllable high quality bright light. Rated life of 30000 hours. Dimensions: Diameter 111mm and depth...
14.98£48.00  £14.98
Save: 69% off

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12w LED AR111 12v

12w LED AR111 12v

Watts = 12
Lumens = 600-720lm
Colour Temperature = 2700K/4200K

12w LED AR111 emitting a high quality bright light which is a very popular choice for retail outlets and other commercial premises. Manufacturers...
11.98£36.36  £11.98
Save: 67% off

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What we offer?

Our AR111 LEDs are housed in a high quality aluminium housing, which looks stylish and reflects the light well as well as acting as a high effective heat sink to prevent any unnecessary energy loss. The bulb requires a 12 volt AC or DC supply, but it also comes with a built in driver so it can be operated with standard halogen AC drivers or 12 volt constant voltage DC LED drivers. Our AR111 LED is available in both warm white and natural white.

Why Saving Light Bulbs?

  • Saving Light Bulbs operate primarily online so we can reach a wide geography of customers.
  • We offer up to 5 years warranty on our products.