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LED R63 Reflector Spot Lights

Our LED R63 Spot Light Lamps are often used in architectural spot lighting and track lighting which has movable directional fittings and can be pointed to highlight pictures or different features within a certain space. They produce a similar light to the traditional R63 filament light bulbs and are a perfect direct replacement to standard halogen or CFL’s and require no wire changes. The R63 in the name of the light bulb refers to the diameter of the bulb; it is a medium sized spotlight.

Due to the use of LED technologies, these bulbs have up to 90% reduction in electricity consumption and it has been tested that if they are used for 6 hours a day, they can have a life span of 10 years or more. The aluminium casing that the LED R63’s are housed in, is practical as it minimises energy being emitted through heat, the low energy consumption of the bulb itself also minimises any fire risk through reduced heat generation because of the reduction of the load on transformers.

Our LED R63 Spot Light Lamps are lit by 3 high powered LED’s, the LED R63 Spot Light lamp has a beam angle of 50 degrees. Our Inventory includes LED R63 Spot Light Lamps in different colour temperatures of warm white, natural white and cool white, the LED R63 can be purchased and used for any interior, commercial or residential purpose. With its advanced dimming technology, the LED R63 Spot light lamps provide flicker free easy dimming, however they are only compatible with modern good quality trailing edge and leading edge driver.

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LED R63 Frosted E27

LED R63 Frosted E27

A LED R63 lamp with a white frosted cover for clean aesthetics. 7w power and PF>0.9 with and light output of 600 lumens. The diameter is 63mm and the...

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