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Light Fittings

A range of light fittings which are used for specific purposes. Both cabinet lighting and spot GU10 & MR16 light fittings are accessories or lighting for a specific place or purpose. .

Cabinet lights are a combination of actual LED’s themselves and the sensors or accessories that are used alongside them. With the use of Cabinet Lights you can turn a light on and off without a switch. This would be with the assistance of either a hand sensor or a door sensor. Both of these use Infra-red to know when I cabinet door has been opened or when a hand has moved to turn the light on. Obviously, this isn’t actually restricted to being used just with cabinets but this is the most common usage.

Spot fittings are associated with spot lights and downlights; they are what the light bulb itself fits into. The fittings come in white and brushed chrome which are both modern and practical. They are also available in 2 types; tilt or fixed – this would depend on how you want to point your light or if you want it directed at anything specifically to highlight certain aspects or features. A fixed spot fitting would point the light straight down and a tilt spot fitting is on a gimble so the light bulb itself can be positioned and moved. An IP54 fire rated fitting is also available which is specifically used in rooms like bathrooms where a certain IP rating needs to be upheld.