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This category contains general information about current and future light bulbs including discussion on market trends. It provides consumer information and thoughts regarding the selection and practical use of the different light bulbs.

Where To Install LED Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are meant to make your home look cozy and exciting. They act as focal points in any space. However, before installing LED ceiling lights, it’s important to understand the basics. In particular, it’s important to understand where to install LED ceiling lights. Here are a few things...
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12 Surprising Ways LED Filament Bulbs Are Better Than Traditional Bulbs

LEDs are transforming the lighting industry. Easy to install, LEDs are long-lasting and can help you save a lot of energy. Thus, if you are still using traditional bulbs, you are losing a lot. Switch to LED filament bulbs and enjoy amazing benefits. Here is why switching from traditional bulbs to LE...
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LED Security Lighting Solutions

Security is an important element of any home. However, it’s not all about having any security lights in your home. It’s all about bringing in innovative technologies when it comes to installing security lights in your home. In particular, using motion sensors as well as an IP camera can optimize...
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Emergency Lighting Basics—Including Practical Tips and Tricks

Emergency lighting is a critical security component for any home. They step in when the mains supply lighting fails.  This makes your home safe and secure during a power failure. Thus, you can go about your business even during a power failure. Emergency lighting can be installed in a myriad of are...
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