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LED Filament ST64

The LED Filament ST64’s are often also called squirrel cage design and combine the traditional glamour of the old incandescent bulbs with the modern efficiency of LED energy savings.

Whilst the ST64 has a classic shape with traditional origins, its angular look is attractive and makes it also suitable for contemporary interiors because it can create a modern twist with the somewhat uncommon bulb shape.

They are often used in a decorative sense and can be seen in restaurants or bars to create ambiance and provide a decorative element. One of the major benefits of the LED ST64’s over the traditional filament bulbs is that it is much cooler and emits far less heat. This is important particularly, for example, in use in restaurants because should people be sitting near or under it they wouldn’t get hot from the heat of the bulb nor would they get burned from giving in to the temptation of touching the elegant light bulbs.

The uses for LED FIlament ST64’s are varied because the bulb is quite versatile; it is relatively compact in size which means that they are good replacements for standard light bulbs as the size and shape doesn’t vary too much. However they can also be used as free hanging decorative light bulbs (as mentioned above, they are frequently used in restaurants) especially because the shape of the bulb is unique and fairly uncommon.

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LED Filament ST64 8W

LED Filament ST64 8W

This 8w LED Filament ST64 bulb of the squirrel cage design has a diameter of 64mm and a length of 143mm. These LED Filament ST64 code bulbs are...
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