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LED Bulbs/Lamps

LED G9 Lamps & Capsules

LED Light bulbs can also be known as LED lamps. They come in a range of different styles and types to suit every purpose and room. LED lamps/bulbs can be decorative as well as practical and cost effective. LED GLS bulbs are traditional and classic shaped; they are arguably the most commonly used as they can be used in ceiling fixtures/fittings, table, wall and floor lights. Filament GLS bulbs have the same shape and tend to be used for the same purposes except that they are used more decoratively.

Filament bulbs are available in GLS, candle, golf balls, G125 and ST64 shape. They are all LED which means they are energy efficient without any loss of brightness. The filament bulbs give a 360 degree direction light distribution and a yellow-ish hue which is reminiscent of the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Candle bulbs are often used in chandeliers or decorative light fixtures because the shape of them mimics the appearance of a naked flame. Candle bulbs are available in standard tip and flame tip. The flame tip is much more decorative and resembles the flickering flame. To match different fixtures and interior design, the candle bulbs are available in gold and silver colouring.

LED PL lamps aim to replace CFL PL lamps; they have directional light which means no light will be wasted. Overall they have a 50% reduction in electricity consumption compared with their CFL equivalents. LED G4 and G9’s are halogen capsule equivalents. They have huge energy consumption savings. The LED capsules are omni-directional which means, alongside giving savings, they emit and distribute light evenly.

All the LED lights/lamps are available to suit different fixtures as they come in different colour temperatures, wattages, sizes and bulb types.