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LED Filament GLS Bulbs

Incorporate stylish lighting into your space

We stock wide range of LED Filament Bulbs, these bulbs are suitable for decorative lighting purposes; they are the traditional classic shape bulbs with the added traditional feel of having multi-strand visible filaments. Our LED filament bulbs provide omni-directional (360 degree) light distribution that is uniformly spread in all directions.

Ordinary LED filament bulbs generally have 4 filaments, but our bulbs actually have up to 8 LED filaments, which provide an even brighter light. They are very stylish and can transform the ambiance of any space. Due to the ideal light distribution; these LED Bulbs are perfect for all domestic applications (indoor/outdoor applications).

Features of Our LED Filament GLS Bulbs -

  • Traditional in appearance
  • Used for decoration or light fixtures
  • Elegant and efficient
  • Compatible with existing fixtures
  • Filament have a full glass cap for better light distribution

Benefits of using our LED Filament GLS Bulbs -

  • Up to 8 LED Filaments
  • Creates a pleasant ambiance
  • Ideal for restaurants or commercial situations
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use
  • Extended life span and reliable
  • Extremely long rated life of 30000 hours.

Product Image Item Name- Price
LED Filament GLS 8/9.5W BC

LED Filament GLS 8/9.5W BC

Watt = 8W
Lumens = 800 of 8w and 1000 for 9.5w
Connector= BC/B22
Colour Temperature = 2700K or 6000K
No of LED Filaments = 8

Technical Specifications: Power Consumption = 8 Watts or 9.5 Watts Colour Temperature = 2700K Warm White or cool white 6000K. The 6000k is excellent...
3.59£8.98  £3.59
Save: 60% off

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LED Filament GLS 9.5W ES

LED Filament GLS 9.5W ES

Watt = 9.5w br> Lumens = 1000w for the 9.5w
Connector= ES/E27
Colour Temperature = 2700K or 6000K
No of LED Filaments = 8

9.5w LED GLS filament bulb with a large screw ES/E27 fitting. This lamp combines the elegance of the tradition light bulb with the efficiency of...
3.59£8.98  £3.59
Save: 60% off

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What we offer?

Our high-quality and reliable LED GLS filaments bulbs provide omni-directional 360 degree light distribution. You can choose them according to your specific needs such as power consumption, colour temperature, lumens output, dimensions, cap fitting type, etc. Our professionally designed and easy-to-use LED Filament GLS Bulbs offer energy efficiency and excellent visual aesthetics.

Why Saving Light Bulbs?

  • We have a wealth of technical expertise and can advise you on the choice of a particular bulb for a specific application.
  • We operate primarily online so we can reach a wide geography of customers but also have a showroom if you would like to visit us.