The Role Of Lighting In Interior Design

Interior décor is an important aspect of any home. When done right, interior decor can transform any space into an oasis of tranquility. That’s why you should do your interior décor with a lot of passion and precision. Start with the right color. Move to the style of the space. Consider the type of lighting you are using. Choose lighting fixtures that complement the décor of your space. Here are the top ways interior décor can affect the interior design of any space.

Role of Lighting

Don’t design any space without considering lighting. Before designing any space, consider its overall ambiance. Will the lighting fixture fit into the space’s overall décor? What about its functionality? Will it complement the space’s design? Consider other elements in that space. Choose fixtures that accentuate features in your spaces.

Lighting plays a key role in the décor of any space. Proper lighting makes spaces look bigger and more inviting. On the other hand, poorly lit rooms make spaces look cramped and uninviting. That’s why you should understand how lighting affects your interior design.

How Lighting Affects Mood: The Science

The human behavior and mood are affected by lighting. That’s why people in bright, cool-toned lighting spaces have higher levels of concentration. On the other hand, it has been established that dimmer, warmer lighting induces relaxation and calmness. Therefore, with light, you can create different types of moods within a space.

Color And Texture

Lighting can affect the look and feel of color as well as texture in any space. This means lighting can enhance or diminish them. For instance, it’s important to understand how lighting can affect furniture in your space. That’s why you should choose lighting that compliments your furniture in your spaces.

Color Schemes

Enhance the color scheme of your spaces with the right lighting. If you want to achieve blue, and green tones, go for cool-toned lights. On the other hand, you can bring out yellow, orange, and red color schemes, or go for warm-toned lighting. Choosing the right color scheme depends on the:

  • Light temperature
  • Bulb type

Depth and Dimension

You can highlight certain spaces in a room to create depth as well as dimension. You can also add shadows to create the perfect depth and dimension within a space. For instance, interior designers use directional lighting when it comes to creating a sense of depth as well as drama within a space. Lighting can also be used to highlight an artwork.

Highlight Textures, Patterns

Use lighting to showcase texture and pattern. Use accent lighting to highlight any feature on the wall. Also, accent lighting can also be used to create that perfect shadow play. Draw attention to a certain pattern with accent lighting. In a nutshell, lighting can be used to highlight textures as well as patterns within a space, making it more classy and stylish.

The Bottom-Line

Lighting complements the interior décor of any space. Incorporating lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers into your lighting plan can transform any space. So, if you want your decor to impress, start with lighting. Choose lighting fixtures that can optimize the interior décor of any space. The above are the top ways lighting affects the interior design of any space.

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