Integrated LED Tube Lights

Integrated LED Tube Lights 7When it comes to the ambiance of a home, nothing takes center stage quite like lighting. With good lighting, you can make your home comfortable and functional. Still more, the lighting industry is currently witnessing new innovations. Among the most recent entrant into the lighting industry are the integrated LED tube lights. Energy-saving, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly integrated LED tube lights breathe more life into your home. The following guide is going to delve into integrated LED tube lights.


These fixtures come with LED strips that are attached to the fixture’s mainframe.  The good thing is that these trips can offer an explicit color as well as Lumen level. The inside of the strips houses LED arrays. It’s also important to note that LED strips tend to last for years, making them the best choice when it comes to looking for durable lighting fixtures. Since they use LED arrays, they don’t use a lot of energy. This makes them cost-effective when it comes to lighting your interiors.

Popular Options

There are several integrated LED tube lighting options you can try out on the market. Popular options include:

LED Integrated Tube Light 1500mm

Integrated LED Tube Lights 7THE LED Integrated Tube Light is 1500mm an integrated LED lighting that can produce a high level of lighting. This lighting option can consume up to 45 watts. This high-level lumen (3600) option is available in natural white.

LED Integrated Batten IP65 – 50w- Waterproof Version

Integrated LED Tube Lights 8The LED Integrated Batten IP65 – 50w is a waterproof version that comes with high brightness and non-corrosive properties. Ideal for wet areas, the LED Integrated Batten IP65 – 50w measures 53 by 50 mm. They come in natural white. Available at an affordable price, the LED Integrated Batten IP65 – 50w comes with an IP rating of IP65. Purchase yours from Saving Light Bulb to today.


LED strips to come with a lot of benefits. Here are the top advantages of LED strips:

No Bulbs

The technology employed in manufacturing these lighting fixtures ensures that you don’t have to change the bulbs from time to time. The LED technology ensures that you don’t have to replace worn-out bulbs. This makes these bulbs economical.

You Don’t Need Additional Parts

These lighting options come in a complete set. They are ready to plug and play. All you need is to plug in the hardwire and the fixture is ready for use.


These lighting fixtures are quick to install. This is because they come in full set and can be installed almost immediately.

Reduced Maintenance

These lighting fixtures come with minimal maintenance. Also, they cannot be easily stolen. People cannot steal these bulbs in the open areas, making them a nice investment for all your lighting needs. Get your fixture today from a reputable store.

The Bottom-Line

If you want a modern, comfortable home, bring in good lighting. Think LED lighting. Install integrated LED tube lighting. The above are compelling reasons why you should seriously think about bringing integrated LED tube lights into your home.


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