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G9 LED Capsules

Buy Energy Efficient LED G9 Bulbs

We offer a wide range of G9 LED capsule bulbs that are direct replacement of traditional halogen G9 capsules, the LED G9 capsules come in a wide variety of colours, brightness and wattages. Our Omni-directional G9 LED lamps & Capsule are undeniably effective and energy efficient.

Our top quality LED G9 capsules have ultra long-life, are dimmable (selected models), and are energy efficient alternatives to the traditional halogen capsules. They are equally useful in kitchen fittings and in integrated units. LED version of G9 Capsule Bulbs have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, and therefore you can rest assure that you are getting top value for your money. With luminous efficacy as high as 96 Lumens/watt, get ready to reduce your energy costs with our G9 LED Capsules.

Applications of G9 LED Capsules:

  • Useful in kitchen fittings and in integrated units
  • Ideal for interior living areas
  • Pendants and cabinets
  • Decorative lighting and chandeliers

Features of G9 LED Capsules:

  • Dimmable (selected models), and energy efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Compact
  • Omni-directional
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Improves beauty and aesthetics
  • Produces a significant light output

Benefits of G9 LED Capsules:

  • Longer lifespan - up to 30000 hours
  • Eco friendly (low carbon footprint)
  • You can save up to 88%
  • Easy to install

Product Image Item Name- Price
High Output 2w G9 LED Capsule Bulb

High Output 2w G9 LED Capsule Bulb

Watt = 2W
Bulb Shape = Capsule
Lumens = 170
Colour Temperature = 2700K
Connector Pin = G9

A high output miniature G9 LED capsule which is just 2 watts but produces an impressive 170lm output. The light colour is warm white 2700K. This LED...
2.49£3.11  £2.49
Save: 20% off


LED G9 3w Filament COB Dimmable

LED G9 3w Filament COB Dimmable

Watt = 3W
Bulb Shape = Capsule
Lumens = 260
Colour Temperature = 2700K
Connector Pin = G9

A most impressive decorative G9 3w dimmable lamp. This G9 has a COB filament which gives it a traditional look but a very modern and impressive...


3.3W G9 LED Capsule

G9 LED 3.3w

Watt = 3.3W
Bulb Shape = Omnidirectional Capsule
Lumens = 125
Colour Temperature = 2700K
Connector Pin = G9 JC Type

Rated life of 30000 hours. LED G9 3.3qw omnidirectional capsule which emits light in all directions. The light output is equivalent to a 25 watt...
2.28£8.39  £2.28
Save: 73% off

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G9 LED 5w dimmable

G9 LED 5w dimmable

Watt = 5W
Bulb Shape = Capsule
Lumens = 550
Colour Temperature = 2700K/4200K
Connector Pin = G9

A high power LED dimmable G9 lamp which has compact dimensions. These are available in either warm white or natural white a massive lumens output of...
4.18£5.98  £4.18
Save: 30% off

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What we offer?

At Saving-Light-Bulbs, we offer high output and a miniature G9 LED Lamps. The miniature LED can be a perfect replacement for G9 capsules because sometimes there are some LED replacements that can be too big. The high output G9 LED Lamps that we have is available in either warm white or natural white and due to the high lumens they emits, these LED G9s can replace a standard 33w or 40w halogen capsules.

Why Saving Light Bulbs?

We stock G9 LED dimmable bulbs in both warm (2700K) and natural white (4200K). You can find dimmable G9’s with lumens output of up to 390 Lumens, making it perfect for decorative lighting and chandeliers.