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Side Emitting LED Strip

This side emitting LED strip has a row of LEDs along the base of the strip. This is particularly useful where it is necessary to light the space directly below the LED Strip. By example if you have a circular feature on a ceiling and you needed feature lighting to run around the perimeter of the circle this would not be possible with standard LED strip. The reason for this is because you cannot make a circle from LED strip and have the light rays shining along the axes of the circle. It can only shine inwards towards the centre or outwards. This is where side emitting LED strip is invaluable as it can be bent around a curve and the light directed perpendicular to the plane of the curve.

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Side Emitting LED Strip 9.6W/m

Side Emitting LED Strip 9.6W/m

A 5 metre roll of side emitting LED strip which is purpose made for curves and perpendicular lighting. Very high quality commercial grade. 9.6 watts...

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