Plaster in Lighting – A New Lighting Concept

Plaster 1Call it a mastery of interior design. Better call it a blend of plastering and lighting. Whichever side you belong, you admit that plaster in lighting is the newest trend that is making serious inroads in the interior design industry. It’s no secret that the lighting industry is staring at the future—packed with new innovative solutions. For instance, the introduction of plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channels has tremendously revolutionized the lighting industry. It’s making lighting exciting, promising, and elegant. So, why the hype around this new fish in the water? Class and sophistication. That’s is. Let this article walk you through the basics and give you what you have been missing. So, stick around!

Trimless and Plaster-In Downlights

Trimless downlights, as well as linear lights, are not new in the lighting industry. With a good plasterer and a professional electrician, you have partners who can blend skills to give you timeless lighting in your space. Plaster in downlights and LED channels are ideal for ceilings as well as walls when it comes to architectural linear lighting.

Plastered Fitting: The Basics

A trimless light fitting can be defined as a plastered-in fitting—which means that the light fitting doesn’t have trim and is buried either in the wall or ceiling. This sheds light seamlessly without showing any round or square edge surrounding it. So, if you don’t want to see the fitting bezel, you have a solution in the plastered fitting.

Is Plaster-in LED the Future of LED Lighting?

Plaster 2Lighting is everything. Lighting is mood. Lighting is functionality. Lighting is security. Without lighting, spaces would have been so dull. That’s why you need to get the right light into your spaces. Whether you want to evoke emotions, get that intimate feel, excite friends, look classy, or energetic vibe—lighting can give you whatever you want. However, lighting should swim past its traditional territory of just illuminating spaces. It can be used for personal expression, making a powerful artist statement, or complementing a space’s theme. That invites creativity. There is a need to incorporate light in a way that impresses the eye without necessarily sacrificing its practical purpose. And that’s where LED plaster-in lighting comes in. With this revolution, you can achieve anything. From creating intriguing patterns to making creative statements, plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channels are the new hit in the lighting industry.

It’s All About Creativity

The best part, you can put your creativity to test. For instance, plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channels lets you make drywall your canvas. From simple parallels of that bathtub to those intriguing cross patters of office creativity, you can count on these new plaster-in LEDs to light up your space in style. Even more, plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channels can naturally integrate into your space’s design without consuming the space. While the LED lights your space bring, the plaster-in feature makes things classy and remarkable.

The Power to Experiment

The best thing about plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channels is that you can experiment with them with a myriad of designs. So, whether you are after contemporary design or traditional design, plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channel got you covered. With plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channels, you have the freedom to go creative. Plus, they can fit into virtually any space. You can layer them, go for dynamics patterns, achieve a simple corner with focal point, or opt for plaster-in and combine it with suspension lighting and achieve remarkable dimension.

The Bottom-Line

Plaster 3Lighting is all about class, elegance, and sophistication. And that’s what plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channel is bringing to your spaces. With plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channel, any space will ooze with class. The above information has all you need to know about this new hit that’s bound to inspire you into getting artistic with your lighting. After all, plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channel is a serious upgrade of the basic lighting. It’s what you have been missing. So, what are you waiting for? Let Saving Light Bulbs give you premium solutions when it comes to plaster in downlights and plaster in LED channel and say yes to the best!


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