Are GU10s Going To Take Over From Integrated Ceiling Lights?

GU10 or Integrated LED Downlights 2GU10 or Integrated LED Downlights 1You thought that the GU10 were dead? Think again. They are making a major comeback—and it’s all about convenience and cost. Of course, we cannot forget all the noise that the LED downlights made. It was tremendous for the ear and eye. You couldn’t ignore them. But wait, why are you thinking twice about these lights? They are good. But if they fail, you will need to change the whole unit. Even worse, if they aren’t made anymore, things can be bad. This explains why the forgotten GU10 lamps are hitting the ground running—with a real comeback!

But, let’s get the basics right.

What are LED Downlights? What about the GU10 lamps? Don’t move because you are about to feast on real information that will help you make an informed decision.

GU10 or Integrated LED Downlights?

The LED downlights entered the lighting market in 2010. Since then, users have faced major hurdles when it comes to choosing between LED downlight and GU10 downlights. Of course, the integrated LED downlights come with an excellent life expectancy. However, the LED in them cannot be replaced. The earlier version of these bulbs could last between 50, 0000 to 100,000 hours. However, this is now unattainable. Nowadays, they can last between 25,000 and 40,000 hours. Even worse, when they fail, you will have to do a complete replacement of the entire fittings. On the other hand, GU10 downlights come with replaceable LEDs.

Are You A Pessimist? Stay Away From Integrated LED Downlights

Of course, the perception out there is that these lighting fixtures last forever. But those who fall on the side of pessimism wonder what might happen if these fixtures fail. The worst part, if they fail, you will need to disconnect them from the mains and replaced them with the same fittings. The idea is to replace it with a fitting that explicitly matches.

The Comparison

The good thing about these downlights is that they come with about 5-7 years guarantee. On the other hand, the GU10 is characterized with a guarantee of about 1-5 years. In terms of brightness, integrated downlights are brighter and look better. However, they are more expensive. On the flip side, GU10 come with replaceable LEDs but are less reliable. Plus, they are relatively less expensive.


Most LEDs fail because of overheating. However, LED downlights are explicitly designed to dissipate heat effectively. This explains why their lifespan is twice—making them more reliable.

The heat sink helps transfer the excess heat from the LED chip—allowing them to operate under cooler conditions for long. Consequently, the LED chips are brighter and bigger.

On the other hand, GU10 downlights are characterized by heat buildup—which explains why they have a relatively lower lifespan. However, it’s important to note that this weakness is not in all GU10 fire rated downlights. Other fixtures have excellent ventilation capabilities. Thus, you need to do your homework before buying GU10 downlights.

The Bottom-Line

GU10 or Integrated LED Downlights 4The train has left the station. It’s no longer about the LED downlights. With their shortcomings, it seems that they are giving room for the convenient GU10 lamps. In a nutshell, GU10 lamps are the real deal for all your lighting needs. The above information will help you ditch the LED downlights for GU10 lamps with confidence. For high-quality GU10 lamps, visit Saving Light Bulbs today!


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