Why LED Bulbs Are Getting So Popular

LE1Light Emitting Diodes are quickly taking the lighting industry by storm. With LEDs, you have a lighting solution that is extremely cost-effective and efficient. Even more, LEDs can be customized to achieve the decor you need in your home. Since their invention, LEDs have continued to make tremendous contributions to the lighting industry. With this lighting technology, both private, as well as commercial establishments, have been upgraded. Plus, these lighting fixtures are eco-friendly, making them the perfect solution for the modern world. Even more, LEDs can be used to highlight wall fixtures, finishes, as well as paintings. But what’s making them popular in the modern world? Keep reading to find out.


Compared to other lighting fixtures, LEDs tend to last longer. Unlike incandescent bulbs—which lasts for at most 1000 hours—LEDs can serve you for more than 50,000 hours.


LED lighting fixtures offer outstanding durability. Moreover, they consume less energy. And this makes them an affordable solution for those who’re working under a limited budget. With LEDs, you’ll have the chance to minimize costs—especially those related to replacements and high electricity bills.


Ever heard of carbon footprint? How do you reduce the carbon footprint? Well, the solution is in the LEDs. With LEDs, you have a lighting solution that’s environment-friendly—helping you achieve the world’s required carbon footprint.

Wide variety

Another reason that makes LEDs popular is their diversity. Available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, you can count on LEDs to give you a lighting solution that fits into your explicit needs. With LEDs, you have a lighting option that supports an array of controls via timers and dimmers. This makes them extremely flexible and easier to blend into virtually any home décor.

Compact Size

LED lighting fixtures—when compared to their incandescent counterparts—are comparatively small in terms of size. In fact, some LED fixtures are less than 2 millimeters long—making them incredibly adaptable when it comes to an array of lighting applications. So, with LEDs, you have a solution that can be used in a wide spectrum of lighting applications—including traffic signals and circuit mood lighting. You can also use LEDs to create mood lighting and stadium lighting. Even more, applications such as commercial and residentially have hugely benefited with these flexible lighting fixtures.

Outstanding CRI

CRI (Color Rending Index)—which is commonly used to measure the ability of light to reveal the color of objects—is a vital component when it comes to the lighting solution you choose. With LEDs, you have an option that comes with superior CRI rating—making them a great choice for many. To be precise, LEDs have a CRI rating of between 65 and 96.

Solid-State Technology

LE2Light Emitting Diodes have been designed using solid-state technology. What this means is that they can operate minus the glass that surrounds the bulbs.

The Bottom-Line

The green revolution is real; thanks to the invention of Light Emitting Diode Bulbs. So, keep up to date with this new trend. Buildings—both commercial and private—have hugely benefited from LEDs. With LEDs, you have a lighting solution that can be used in virtually any section of the house. From Under the Wall cabinets, foyers, to the kitchen, LEDs can transform your space while helping you save high on energy bills. Install LEDs in your interiors and let your home ooze with class.

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