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There are a spectrum of technologies used in energy saving light bulbs. This category looks at the technologies used today and for the future

LED Lighting for Monument and Statues

Light creates attention, especially at night. From statues to monuments, lighting has so much to offer when it comes to illuminating statues. Monuments are all about creating the right attention. Darkness won’t do your monument any justice. You can achieve an appealing effect through bewitching a...
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Blackpool Illuminations LED Lights

Regarded as the World’s greatest lighting show, Blackpool Illumination comes with spectacular features that are hard to believe. Poised to make one of the biggest runs on earth, Blackpool Illumination offers you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of light—especially when done right. Whether you ...
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Are GU10s Going To Take Over From Integrated Ceiling Lights?

You thought that the GU10 were dead? Think again. They are making a major comeback—and it’s all about convenience and cost. Of course, we cannot forget all the noise that the LED downlights made. It was tremendous for the ear and eye. You couldn’t ignore them. But wait, why are you thinking tw...
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Stage Lighting Products and Effects

Create a dramatic, exciting, and stimulating stage illumination. Saving Light Bulbs (SLB)’s lighting effects and products present you with a wide variety of powerful, dependable, and easy-to-use tools. This gives you the power to light your stage like a pro. Whether you are looking for dramatic or...
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An Introduction to DMX Lighting Control

DMX lighting control is all about taking your lighting experience to another whole new level. It has revolutionized the lighting industry with intelligent technological advancements. In the past, intelligent lighting domain was a preserve for those considered professionals. However, with the deve...
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