Blackpool Illuminations LED Lights

Blackpool Illuminations LED Lights 1Regarded as the World’s greatest lighting show, Blackpool Illumination comes with spectacular features that are hard to believe. Poised to make one of the biggest runs on earth, Blackpool Illumination offers you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of light—especially when done right. Whether you want to visit alone, with a family member, or friends, Blackpool Illumination will automatically create those precious memories you have been craving for. Made for any age, the Blackpool Illumination show creates exciting experiences as far as lighting is concerned.

So, if you are so much into heritage, Blackpool Illumination has a treat for you. Enjoy exciting Blackpool Illumination heritage as you sightsee some of the world’s most beating lights today. On those lines, here is what to expect from this heritage-inspired lighting show.

Six Miles of Thrilling Seaside Lights

Regarded as the United Kingdom’s greatest tourist attraction, Blackpool Illumination is an annual festival that has been celebrated over the past 100 years.

It stretches six miles towards the Blackpool pomade. Extending from the Street Gate, this lighting boasts with authentic cable and an incredible wire that stretches for more than 200 miles. This spectacular lighting technology is something you cannot avoid—a reason why it attracts millions of tourists from all walks of life. Estimated to cost around £2.4 million when it comes to staging, this illumination houses hundreds of thousands of spectacular lights. So, if you are looking to quench your lighting thirst, there are so many styles and sizes for you. So, irrespective of your age, there are enough lighting options that can automatically put a smile on your face.

Blackpool Illuminations LED Lights 2And that’s not all, you will have an opportunity to view lines of stunning bulbs that zigzags back as well as forth athwart the road. Still more, with 500+ designs in addition to themed features, the Blackpool Beach Illumination is all about class, sophistication, and elegance. The colors have been perfectly infused, creating a sparkle of LED lighting.

Going From 2019 to 2020: What’s New?

It’s all about class and creativity. That’s not all, you will have an opportunity to update your lighting or upgrade them. The options are overwhelmingly abundant. Still more, the show gives you the magic to update new lighting fixtures in your home—like a lighting expert.

Don’t forget the neon options. They will be a major focus in 2019 going into 2020. So, if you missed, you can still catch a glimpse of what happened. Better still, you can count on SLB to take you through the journey of updating your light. We are a major partner in the show. So, you can trust us to take your lighting game to the next level. With years of experience in the lighting industry, SLB underscores the Show’s main theme—lighting that inspires. Whether its LED lights, Chandeliers, Sconces, Lamps, etc., we are here to take your project with a high level of mastery.

The Bottom-Line

Blackpool Illuminations LED Lights 3In a nutshell, the Blackpool Illumination epitomizes lighting solutions that we have been advocating for years. We don’t want you to remain behind. Your lighting is our priority. If there is no time to attend the Blackpool Illumination festival, we’ll walk you through the festival’s main showcasing. Let there be light. It’s all about lighting that inspires.


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