DMX Lighting Control

DMX 1Previously, intelligent lighting systems were considered suitable for professionals only; however, the introduction of cheaper electronics as well as computer control systems, great lighting effects are now accessible to everyone. When it comes to Christmas, Halloween, or house party lighting, DMX systems can be an incredible option.

Intelligent Lighting; What Are They?

Intelligent lighting systems feature unique elements that can be controlled remotely. This may include a moving head, patterns, plus colors. Alternatively, you may just regulate the color with an LED strip or a dimmer. Whichever way you go about it, intelligent lighting is amazing.

When combined with a controller, you’ll be able to simultaneously send a signal to numerous devices.

Understanding What DMX is

DMX2DMX (Digital Multiplex) refers to a digital serial protocol that’s unidirectional and has no error checking. Though it’s highly reliable, DMX is subject to interference and unsuitable for harmful effects such as pyrotechnics.

The cable itself comprises 2 shielded twisted pairs, but only of them is utilized. Ideally, 5-pin DMX cabling ought to be used, but certain manufacturers have created 3-pin versions.

With DMX programming, you can effectively control when your lights powered up, the colors they display, where they go, how bright/dim they are, plus so much more.

DMX for Beginners: It’s Now Within your Means

DMX software makes it possible for you to control lighting right from your laptop. You can readily find a simple controller for $50 to control 3-channel effect lighting and simple uplights. However, there are other expensive units that can be used to control up to 12 fixtures, each featuring 16 channels. The professional-grade controller can be quite expensive, but there are numerous affordable options for DMX beginners.

You can Easily Learn DMX Control

It may not take you 5 minutes to learn everything, but once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s all uphill. Don’t be startled by complex words like universe, daisy-chaining, and channels. They’ve very simple meanings. In DMX lighting control, programming isn’t considered as a computer term but a technical terminology for design. The technology is user-friendly and you don’t need to learn any codes or typed commands. Plus, there isn’t a DOS to use. So once you’ve grasped the basics, nothing will stop you from achieving the best results.

The Tips and Tricks

DMX4If you’re a beginner, you may want to check out the following tips as you dive into DMX control of lighting.

  • Two lighting units can be on one control channel, and they’ll serve the same purpose. This creates more space in your universe for additional lights.
  • Don’t install different lights on a single DMX channel because various lights have various operations on each channel.
  • It’s possible to control non-DMX components with DMX through a power pack.
  • Though 5-pin DMX cabling is the professional standard, some manufacturers have designed 3-pin DMX lighting, which is quite inexpensive.

While you may find it quite intimidating learning about DMX in the initial stages, you’ll come to realize that it’s an incredible upgrade to creating a show that’ll amaze your audience. Lights work like magic when under DMX control.

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