The Varilight Product Range

V1Varilight is one of the best companies when it comes to controlling systems. With years of experience, Varilight products are high performing, versatile, and effective. Here are a few things to know about Varilight products—including dimmers, switches, wired accessories, as well as sockets.


All the Varilight Light Switches and Sockets are designed using high-quality materials. Plus, all these products conform to the latest EU Legislations. With Varilight products, be sure of getting up to one year of guarantee.

Colors and Variety

Varilight products are diverse and come in a variety of colors, finishes, as well as plates. Even more, these products come with Double Pole wire isolation.


Varilight dimmer switches continue to improve. For instance, the introduction of V-Pro, as well as V-Com intelligent dimmers, have made it possible to control lights remotely. These dimmers come with remote-controlled versions featuring high screen setting competencies that deliver superior control capabilities.


SLB supplies high-quality Varilight products. With SLB, you can be sure of the quality, variety, innovation, as well as the value of your money. These products are explicitly designed to feature on-trend decorative based finishes.

Innovative Switches, Accessories, Sockets, Dimmers

V2If you are looking to enhance your interiors, think modern Varilight accessories from SLB. We stock a variety of luxurious lighting options that can instantly uplift any space. Packed with a range of products, you can be sure of getting a solution that fits into your explicit needs. From Varilight dimmer switches, lighting accessories, plug sockets, to light switches, SLB has a wide selection of solutions to address all your lighting needs. So, whether you are looking for something classic or even contemporary, Varilight products from SLB won’t disappoint. Even more, these products come in different finishes, including stainless steel, premium white, as well as polished chrome.

Why Varilight?
SLB understands the importance of quality. Plus, we know how to get the best products that compliment your home. That’s why we only stick with high quality, innovative Varilight light switches, dimmers, and accessories. Even more, the V-Pros and LED compatible dimmers are programmable, which gives you the power to control your lighting.

With Varilight products, you have highly luxurious products that make it possible for the creation of complimentary ambiance in your home.

Load Capacity

Varilight dimmer switches can handle any type of load. However, you must stick to the manufacture’s guidelines.

Variety of Finishes

With a wide range of finishes, you can be sure of getting an option that suits your explicit design. Even more, Varilight products come in different faceplate styles. From Classic bevel-edged, Classic rope edged, minimalist Ultra-flat, to sophisticated Dimension Screwless ranges, you can be sure of getting a faceplate style that fits into your home.

V-Pro Dimmer

V-Pro dimmers offer superior control capabilities when it comes to controlling LED lighting loads that require trailing edge and leading edge. Plus, dimmers can be touch or remote based.

Why V-Pro Dimmers

V-Pro dimmers are highly compatible with other electrical components

The programming features of V-Pro dimmers makes them highly performing

The hard memory of V-Pro dimmers makes them highly functional

Besides the mains dimmable LEDs, V-Pro dimmers can also be used to control dimmable electronic-based transformers.

The Bottom-Line

V3SLB is all about quality. With years of experience in dimmer switches, decorative switches, as well as sockets, Varilight offers innovative dimming solutions. Plus, you can count on Varilight for LED dimmers explicitly designed for dimmable LEDs, dimmable transformers, decorative wiring based accessories, as well as LED drivers.

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