Some Views on the Future of Lighting

Future of Lighting 1Lighting is quickly evolving. New technologies are coming aboard. Still more, new innovations are likely to dominate the next decade. Thus, it will not just stop at LEDs. The future looks bright. The following technologies will define the future of lighting.

Semiconductor Revolution

Future of Lighting 5Currently, artificial lighting consumes about 20 percent of energy in private households. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps come with technological limits. These options can only attract limited technological changes. On the other hand, LED technology is flexible, allowing for future technological improvements.  According to experts, LED technology heavily relies on semiconductors. The ongoing semiconductor revolution will definitely bring new things to the lighting landscape.

Decentralized Electricity Power Generation

The generation of electricity is likely to change in the near future. While centralized power generation has brought good things in the lighting industry, decentralized generation will make the industry even more exciting. People are beginning to generate their own electricity. Solar panels are making it possible to decentralize power generation. This trend is doing good for the environment since it relies on photovoltaic installation, which is friendly to the environment.

Lasers Will Replace

LEDs are good. They have changed the lighting industry landscape. However, new technologies are emerging. For instance, lase is beginning to take shape. In the future, lasers are likely to replace their LED counterparts. Lasers are more compact than their LED counterparts. Still more, they produce more light. Their light production is 1000x of that of LEDs. Also, the energy consumption of laser lighting fixtures is less (33 percent than of LEDs).

Smart Lighting

Within the next few years, dumb lighting will exit the stage. The industry will be dominated by smart lighting. From switches to push buttons, smart lighting promises to bring more comfort, safety, as well as reduced power consumption. Sensors will make it easy to control lighting. Besides reduced energy bills, smart lighting offers great convenience.

Smart City Lights

Like homes, cities are likely to experience new lighting technology. With smart lighting, lights will dim automatically on empty roads and streets. Still more, dangerous intersections will be characterized by lighting color change. Street lamps will also come with electric car charging options, pedestrian-powered wi-fi modules, safety cameras, parking space guide cameras.

Improved Battery Technology

Researchers have spent a considerable amount of time finding solutions for better battery performance. The introduction of portable lamps featuring solar panels will help remote villages in developing countries to comfortably access light.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is quickly gaining traction. Nowadays, companies are beginning to invest in solutions that help alternate light spheres. For instance, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner comes with light therapy that helps seal with jet lag. Also, department stores will hugely benefit from this technology.

The Bottom-Line

Future of Lighting 2The lighting is good. Besides providing functional lighting, it can raise the aesthetic aspect of your space. Still more, better lighting technologies look set to make the lighting industry exciting. The above technologies will define the future of lighting.

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