Lighting Initiatives for The Green Planet

Green Planet 1Over the last few years, the world has been advocating for green solutions. With the main aim of saving the planet, these concerted efforts are bearing fruits. A green planet is free from emissions and global warming. On that note, here are lighting initiatives for a green planet.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors give you complete control over your lighting. They will switch on the light upon detecting a motion, reducing the energy consumed. With motion sensors, you can cut down the cost of energy in your home.

Use LED Light

Green Planet 2Unlike CFLs, LEDs are energy efficient. According to experts, using LEDs can lower your energy consumption by up to 80 percent. Thus, lower luminance by switching to LED lights. Still more, LED lights are long-lasting. These bulbs emit less heat, which explains why they are highly energy efficient. Still more, modern LED lights come with automaton control systems that can turn on and off-street lights.

Heat Conditioners

Switching off the HVAC system, especially when you are not at home is very important. Keeping the system running all day long can push up the utility bills. You can use an application to switch it on and off. However, you must invest in smart technology to access these features.

Shorter Showers

Showers consume a lot of electricity. Thus, opt for shorter showers. Avoid longer steams showers. They can waste a considerable amount of energy.

Better Curtains

Use natural lights where possible. Thus, let the light into your spaces through windows.  On sunny days, open the blinds. However, if you want to keep your spaces cool, use curtains to block the sun.


Seal the windows. Seal all spaces and openings. Sealing these spaces protects the lights from escaping. It will also give your HVAC system an easy time, which can save a lot of energy and lower utility bills.

Turn Off Unused Lights

Turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use to save energy. However, if you prefer lighting your rooms overnight, consider investing in energy-efficient night light. Invest in smart technology (use of motion sensors) to automatically turn off used lights.

Renewable Energy

Green Planet 5Renewable energy has the potential of lowering your energy bills. Additionally, it can make the planet greener. With renewable energy sources like solar panels, you can reduce the amount of electricity you consume from the national grid and shirk your home’s footprint. That’s not all, this can potentially increase the value of your home.

The same applies to biogas energy. Easy to use, biogas energy will bring your home’s utility bills down. Also, it reduces the reliance on electricity (to light up your home), which reduces the number of pollutants released to the environment. In a nutshell, renewable energy is all about reducing the greenhouse effect.

The Bottom-Line
Climate change is now a global concern. Governments are enacting policies to save the planet. One of the best ways to save the planet is to adopt modern lighting. The above lighting initiatives look set to yield a greener planet.


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