Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers

The lighting industry is quickly evolving. Technology is making lighting more effective and exciting. For instance, the invention of dimming—a smart lighting control technology—has made lighting cost-effective and customizable. Modern controls such as smart Wi-Fi dimmers will transform your home into a comfortable space. Here is all you should know regarding smart Wi-Fi dimmers.


The main purpose of a dimmer is to offer adjustable voltage to lighting fixtures. With Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers, you can control the lighting fixture’s brightness. Highly efficient, Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers are safe and easy to use. You don’t need any special wiring.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most notable benefits of incorporating dimming into your lighting plan. With dimming, you can control how your lighting is used. This means that you can cut on energy wastage. According to the stats, dimming saves up to 98 percent of energy consumption. Plus, dimming allows you to reduce the voltage used by your lighting fixture. What this means is that your fixtures will last longer.

Lighting Control

Controlling your lights via a button is good. However, using a remote-controlled dimmer gives you absolute control over your lighting. Thus, you don’t need to flip the switch when turning your lights on and off. Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimming technology allows you to set your room’s explicit tone. Here is the Varilight smart dimmer
Vpro Smart Dimmer 1G JQSM101W .

Dimming Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights can be dimmed. Here, the bulb’s color can be changed to look better, cooler, and more welcoming. However, it’s important to note that this won’t prolong the life of your bulbs. Nevertheless, it’s less expensive and highly convenient.


Using Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers will help your lights last longer. According to the stats, dimming lights by 25 percent will save up to 20 percent of energy consumption. For instance, dimming will help a bulb (that usually lasts 5-6 months) to last more than 3 years.

Features Of Varilight Smart Wi-fi Dimmers

The Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers can be used to control the light via an application or dimmer control. Still more, these dimmers allow you to control your lights from Google Home and Alexa, offering you more capability. Some of the most notable features of the Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers include:

  • Simple construction—these dimmers can be connected to an application, allowing you to control the lights from your home screen. Consequently, Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers saves power and offers your home extra security.
  • Compatibility—These dimmers can use Google Home for dimming your lights; thanks to the smart assistant feature.
  • Intuitive Dimming—Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers can be integrated with different applications.

The Bottom-Line

Controlling your lighting works is quickly becoming a reality. Nowadays, you can control lights using an application or dimmer control. With dimmers, you can control lighting voltage, allowing you to adjust lighting settings without any issues. Highly safe, dimming makes your home efficient and exciting. The above guide contains everything about dimming, including the benefits of Varilight Smart Wi-Fi Dimmers.

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