RGB/W Lighting Control from Sunnricher

Sunnricher 1Control in the lighting industry is advancing. New technologies keep on emerging, giving clients a myriad of options to choose from. For instance, you can control your RGB LED tape via DMX protocol or DMX LED controller. Whichever your preference, you have a myriad of options out there. RBG lighting, an abbreviation for Red, Green, and Blue lights is a modern lighting technology that is making homes and spaces smarter and more efficient. These colors, when combined, can enhance commercial buildings and inject more glamour into them. These lighting controls come in different types. Sunnricher, a leading producer of lighting controls systems, boasts with some of the best solutions when it comes to RGB/W lighting controls. Available in standard or creative custom solutions, RGB controls are programmed and run using sensors and pre-scheduled patters. Even more, you can incorporate home with smart lighting systems for improved efficiency. Here are a few options to expect:

Sensor Control

Regular AC sensors are meticulously wired to the LED lighting system. Here, the regular occupancy sensors are used to turn off lights, especially when space doesn’t have any activity. Even more, the DC motion sensors are used to automate the whole lighting system. In this case, when nobody is in the room, the sensor dims all the lights. It’s also important to note that these sensors can be used to automate different automatic controls, triggering the adjustment of various lights in any space.
Wireless Controls

In some cases, a smartphone can be used to control lights through a wireless connection. Here, LED lights are integrated with the prevailing smart control system. Thus, you can control them from your smartphone via a wireless connection.

4 Zone Remote Controls; RGBW Remote

Sunnricher 2The 4 zone remote controls; RGBW remote (SR-2858Z4) controller that utilizes the latest technology with the RF technology to offer premium light control capabilities. This controller comes with streamline appearance in addition to a high end based PC material. The controller usually functions with the help of the SR-1009 series receiver when it comes to controlling RGB+W LED lighting. With an ultra-sensitive, but tempered glass-based touch color wheel, its possible to achieve accurate, fast, and efficient color tone adjustment.

Sunnricher 4


Even more, users can independently adjust each R.G.B.W channel’s brightness. This can be done up to six million different colors. The best part with this controller is that the receiver can separately or synchronously control four zones. Each zone can feature an unlimited number of receivers. The controller comes with 10 built-in changing modes featuring adjustable changing speed. If you want consistent changes, the controller got you covered. This is because the synchronizing pattern changing is possible. With the RGB+W LED lighting control, you have a controller that is furnished with either Wi-Fi controlled receivers or APP-OS/Android controlled receivers. However, the latter requires a Wi-Fi/RF converter. Also, the controller features 4ch*5A RF receiver(SR1009FA), 4ch*5A RF Wi-Fi receiver(SR-1009FAWI), an RF hub(SR2818WI), RF+DMX512 Wi-Fi Converter(SR2818 WIN-D), and Sticky Labels.

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Common features of this controller include programmable, sleek in design, comes with a user-friendly interface, furnished with the operation return function, and ability to permit color sequence.

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