Lighting Control from Your Phone

SLB 1With escalating popularity and innovation of technological advances in the lighting industry, it seems that homeowners are headed for the future featuring inventive lighting solutions. For instance, the lighting industry is heavily benefiting from the introduction of home automation, especially those touching on lighting. Nowadays, you don’t have to manually switch on and off your lights, especially if you are a tech-savvy. In particular, the development of lighting controls is turning homes into modern luxury facilities. These controls are not only safe but also convenient to run. So, if you haven’t given lighting control a try, you must be missing a lot. Here is all you need to know regarding this smart technology.

Rako Lighting Controls

SLB 2Rako, a leading lighting fixture manufacturer in the world, offers state of the art lighting solutions that make homes better. Their digital dimming technology can be used in an array of lighting solutions. Some of the best solutions from Rako include:

Plug-In Easy

Simple and easy to use, plug-in devices can function as a remote control when it comes to controlling your attached lights. Even more, technological advances enable people to connect to smartphones, Google Home, as well as Alexa. This means that the lights can be controlled, irrespective of your location.

Automatic Lighting Based Control

Automatic lighting controls banks on motion sensors to turn on and off plug in lamp. This makes your home modern and convenient to run. Plus, it minimizes energy wastage, which can significantly cut your utility bills.

Wireless Lighting Control

If you don’t want to cut the walls when installing cables, you can opt for wireless dimmers, switches, as well as keypads. They give you an ideal interface control.

Rako Controls

SLB 3The best thing with lighting control is that they can control your systems from a remote setting; thanks to the invention of lighting control apps such as Rako. Designed to give you control of any space, room, buildings, or condo, the Rako app can be used to control different rooms, scenes, as well as channels. If you have an already existing wireless connection based system, you can count on this app. Even more, the Rako control lighting app can be used for both wired network and combined systems. You don’t require any special configurations. The Rako Ethernet-based bridge stores all the information you need.

System Requirements
First, you require an android device. From here, you will need to install a wireless router. The best thing about this app is that it can control Rako lighting systems. This includes both wired as well as wireless networks. The app comes with incredible features, including;

  • It can program or store certain scenes
  • Color control capability in the control wheel
  • Remote controlled. This means that you can control your systems from any place.

The Sunnricher App

Similar to the Rako app, the 3 Sunnricher apps (EasyColor, EasyHome, as well as EasyLighting) is innovative and offers clients an opportunity to control their lighting from their Smartphones on Wi-Fi control on DMX systems. Even more, it can control different rooms. Thus, if you are in the living room and you want things to go your way in the bedroom, there is a feature for this. The app relies on a wireless connection.

Sunnricher Products: RF and Wi-Fi Controllers

SLB 4Radio Frequency controllers are special types of controllers that rely on radio frequency signals to regulate lighting. These systems are equipped with controllers and receivers. The best part of RF controllers is that they don’t require wiring or line to function. RF controllers come in two types. They include:

  • Handset controllers
  • Wall panel controllers

These two types of controllers have a range of about 209 meters. You can pair a maximum of 8 controllers to each receiver. Also, you can pair an unlimited number of receivers to each controller. This makes it easy and simple to expand or scale up your system. Additionally, RF/Wi-Fi receivers make it possible for light to be controlled through RF and Apps. Thus, you can use your smartphone and Wi-Fi hub to control your lighting system at home.

The Bottom-Line

Technology is changing. It’s making tremendous inroads into industries such as lighting. For instance, the introduction of controls in the lighting industry has made homes smart, comfortable, and efficient. The above are key things you should know when it comes to lighting controls.

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