12 Surprising Ways LED Filament Bulbs Are Better Than Traditional Bulbs

LED Filament Bulbs 1LEDs are transforming the lighting industry. Easy to install, LEDs are long-lasting and can help you save a lot of energy. Thus, if you are still using traditional bulbs, you are losing a lot. Switch to LED filament bulbs and enjoy amazing benefits. Here is why switching from traditional bulbs to LED filament bulbs can transform your home.


LEDs are efficient and long-lasting. On average, LED can last up to 100,000 operating hours, which is four times longer than what other lighting solutions can offer. Even more, research shows that LED lights can last 40 times more than incandescent bulbs.

With less frequent replacement requirements, LED fixtures are extremely easy to maintain. Plus, they come with lower maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for an affordable lighting solution? Well, it’s time you consider investing in LED lighting. These lighting fixtures are uniquely designed to consume less power and offer unmatched luminous efficacy. When correctly installed, the energy savings could be over 90%.

Improved Safety

Compared to other lighting options, LEDs emit the least amount of heat. And because they consume less energy, they can operate efficiently on low-voltage electrical systems. This makes them much safer than traditional lighting solutions.

Physically Small

LED Filament Bulbs 2Featuring a compact design, LED bulbs are incredibly adaptable to various lighting applications. They can be utilized in circuit board lighting, modern mood lighting, commercial, as well as, residential applications.

Superior Color Rendering Index

When it comes to lighting, color rendering is an important aspect. Color Rending Index (CRI) typically refers to a light’s ability to showcase the true color of an object. LEDs generally feature a high CRI rating, which makes them an excellent lighting solution.

Generate Directional-Based Emissions

Other traditional lighting options emit light on 360 degrees basis. Consequently, these lighting options require other accessory devices for reflecting and redirecting the light. Consequently, they lead to electricity losses, pushing up the utility cost. That’s why these lighting fixtures are considered less effective. On the other hand, LED lights are designed to emit light on a 180 degrees basis. Thus, you don’t need accessories to reflect and redirect the light, which can save you a lot of energy costs. In a nutshell, the unidirectional nature of LED filament bulbs makes them highly energy-efficient.

Design Flexibility

The LED technology ensures that the lighting fixtures are compact. As a result, these lighting fixtures can be used in any application. From commercial to residential, LED bulbs can help you accomplish your lighting project. You can also combine LED bulbs with other small devices in a linear sequence and achieve a certain design in your project.

Solid State Lights

LED lighting fixtures rely on solid-state lights technology. Thus, you don’t need the traditional glass that usually surrounds the light.

Dimming Capability

You can operate your LEDs at virtually all levels or percentages. This means that you don’t need specific hardware to dim these lights.  They can be dimmed remotely, which reduces energy wastage. Also, dimming ensures that they last longer.

Frequent Switching

LEDs are highly flexible. You don’t need to manually turn them off and on. They can automatically turn on and off

Environmentally Safe

LEDs, unlike their fluorescent and mercury vapor lights, don’t have an extremely negative impact on the environment. Remember, mercury can hurt the environment. Also, these bulbs don’t emit any UV emissions, which explains why they are considered eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Very Low Voltage

LED bulbs can operate at extremely low voltages. As a result, you can rely on LED to efficiently and economically light up outdoor spaces.

The Bottom-Line

LED Filament Bulbs 3LED bulbs are better than their traditional counterparts in several ways. One, they are cost-effective. Two, they last longer. Three, LED bulbs can help you save a lot of energy. In a nutshell, the lighting industry is quickly embracing LED technology. Thus, if you haven’t made the switch, act fast. Replace traditional bulbs with LED lighting fixtures. The above are key benefits of LED bulbs.

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