Fire Hoods for Non-Fire Rated Downlights

Fire Hoods for Non-Fire Rated Downlights 1Safety first. That’s the message from the UK building regulations and law enforcers. It’s not all about the lights. It also has to do with your safety and that of other people. And that’s what fire hoods for non-fire rated downlights are all about. Ideal for recessed downlights, fire hoods are utilized by safety-conscious electricians who value people’s lives. So, what are fire hoods? Why are they being used in buildings? Why are they ideal for speaker covers when it comes to fire protection and acoustic insulation? You are about to find out. So, keep reading!

Fire Hoods

By definition, firewood represents fire-resistant covers that can char and expand upon exposure to heat from the fire. Designed to slow down the spread of heat and fire, fire hoods wok by blocking ceiling hole where downlight is installed.

Fire Rated Downlights

When you combine downlight and fire hoods, you get fire rated downlights. They work in a similar manner as fire hoods.


Fire hoods can be used in the following settings:

Integral Garage

If you have installed lighting fixtures in that integral garage featuring rooms for accommodation above it, consider using fire hood or even fire-rated downlight.

Three Storey House

If your house is a 3 storey building, consider using fire hoods. You can also use fire rated downlights. This is especially important to those who live in a 3 storey building with a single flight of stairs.


Are you living in a conversion? A conversion is a big house that has been restructured to become flats. If so, consider using fire hoods and fire rated downlights. This is a safety measure—especially if the house has a separate dwelling above your flat. Also, this applies to those who have neighbors below who use fire hoods and fire rated downlights.


If you have speaker covers in the house, consider using fire hoods. It will protect them against fires and offer effective acoustic insulation.

Key Takeaway

Fire Hoods for Non-Fire Rated Downlights 3Fire hoods can be used in a myriad of applications. The above list isn’t exhaustive. However, don’t bring fire hoods to the following spaces:

Bedroom and Bathroom

Don’t bring fire hoods into your bedroom, bathroom, and any space with a roof space above it.


Fire needs a space to rush through. So, if two levels of the house don’t have a fire door, then it will be imprudent to include a fire hood. It means that that space doesn’t have a fire compartment. Fire cannot burn through the downlight. It’s a fact. Rushing upstairs will be the only option.


Don’t use fire hoods and fire rated downlights in insulation. They aren’t designed to be used in this setting. Thus, if you have a roof featuring a plasterboard and rigid phenolic/ urethane insulation, don’t try to install a fire hood or a downlight.

The Bottom-Line

Fire hoods for non-fire rated downlights isn’t a complicated concept. It was drafted into law to ensure safety in homes and buildings. In fact, it’s a requirement. So, if you have non-fire rated downlights and you want to install a fire hood, the above information will help you get it right. Good luck!


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