Dialux vs Relux Lighting Simulation

DIALux 1DIALux and Relux are some of the world’s most popular software tools for professional lighting. Both programs come with a specific data format and support the installation of most luminaire manufacturers’ data plugins. With these lighting simulation programs, you can achieve virtually the best luminaries. So, if you are planning to achieve the best lighting schemes, here are some insights into these two leading programs.


DIALux is a state-of-the-art lighting software utilized by thousands of light designers worldwide. The program allows you to effectively plan your lighting and helps you in complying with international standards and regulations. Designing your home or office with maximum use of daylight and energy-efficient luminaires can significantly reduce costs.

DIALux 2With this software, you can creatively plan lighting for your home, commercial building, exterior, office or sports venue. Plus, you can design, calculate, as well as visualize light professionally. DIALux constantly meets the requirements of contemporary lighting design so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best results. With over 700,000 users, the software is available in 25 different languages and is absolutely free. The tool is easy-to-use and accessible to everyone. It connects lighting planners and manufacturers across the entire globe. You can readily find DIALux in a desktop version or as a basic mobile app.

DIALux is currently the leading online marketing tool in the lighting industry.

About Relux 1

Relux is a high-performance application for simulating both artificial light and daylight. It allows users to simulate lighting and sensors for detailed renderings. It’s intuitively operated and can calculate national/international standards as well as absolute values. Besides, the program is compatible with CAD plus BIM systems. With over 200,000 users, the software is free of charge and highly dynamic.

The platform uses electronic catalogs as its database plug-ins, which allow the user to choose and incorporate a manufacture’s luminaires into their designs. International manufacturers make approximately one million product versions available through Relux every year. Plus, the platform also makes it possible for users to import EuLumdat and IES luminaire data from compatible sources. Relux supports various standards for road, indoor, as well as outdoor lighting: EN12464-1 (2013) and EN1838 (2014) for indoor lighting, EN13201-2,-3 (2016) for road lighting, and EN12464-2 (2013), EN 12193 (2008), GR to CIE 112 (1994) for outdoor lighting.

Relux 2Relux provides users with rapid and dependable support on different aspects of both big and small lighting projects, without taking roundabout routes. Above all, the program allows you to creatively compile your lighting as well as sensor plan in AutoCAD. Thanks to Relux’s bidirectional interface, you can now define the desired room parameters and obtain the calculation results in a suitable format for your CAD (Computer Aided Design) plan.

Relux is a program for expert designers that currently supports the CIE88, CIE140, plus SLG201 standards. Through the automatic positioning feature, you can plan your lighting in real time. The program generates detailed project documentation on different zones, including the entry zone, tunnel interior, as well as the transitional section.

The Bottom-line

Relux VS DluxTechnology is quickly impacting the lighting industry—bringing endless possibilities. With the invention of lighting simulation software, designers can now go creative and play around with lighting to give customers the best solutions. These two software are industry leaders. Thus, your choice depends on your needs. Choose a simulation software that perfectly suits your personal lighting requirements.

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