Why LED Panel Lights Will Save You Money

LED Panel 1LED panels are efficient, which makes them effective in saving you electricity. These innovative lighting fixtures can save you up to 80 percent of your energy. LED panel lights come with high-lumen efficiency and reflective components that provide the required directionality. So, why LED panel lights? The following guide will take you through LED panel lights and how they can save you energy and money.

Higher Lumen Efficiency

LED panel lighting fixtures come with superior efficiencies. Abbreviated as lm/W, lumen efficiency measures how much light a lighting fixture produces per unit of electricity. Decent lighting fixtures produce higher lumen efficiency.

Light Directionality

The best thing about LED panels is their directionality. You need light for the safety of the floor. Additionally, you need light on your desk to perform certain tasks. However, most fluorescent tubes produce light and emit it over 360 degrees. This means that most of the light is reflected on the polished surfaces. This can affect the performance of your staff. Additionally, it can also waste a lot of light.

Fortunately, you can turn to LED chips to save light on these surfaces. According to experts, LED chips offer directional lighting. Plus, they come with highly reflective LED panels. Thus, the light will only go where it’s needed.

Saves Energy

LED Panel 2When LED lights first arrived on the market, consumers complained that they were not bright enough. However, that’s not the case anymore. New-generation lighting fixtures are designed to save energy, produce more light, and emit less heat.

Usually, a modular 600×600 fluorescent fitting (i.e. recessed) houses 4 x 600mm long tubes. It’s important to note that each of these tubes uses 18W. The lighting fixture will consume a cumulative of 72W. It’s important to note that the fluorescent ballast also consumes electricity. On average, the whole fitting will consume more than 80W.

On the other hand, LEDSAVE LED panels (measuring 600×600) consume no more than 40W. This will save you more than 50 percent of light.

Long Lasting

LED panels produce high-quality light. They produce less heat and can save you energy. Still more, LED panels can last longer, which makes them ideal for homes and offices. You won’t have to replace them from time to time. They require minimal maintenance. These lighting options can last up to 5 years.

Installation Cost

When purchasing your LED panels, consider the installation cost. Usually, the cost of purchasing and installing the panels will be outweighed by the savings made. The following factors will influence the cost of buying and installing your LED panels:

  • Type of installation—are you installing new panels or replacing the existing ones?
  • Dimming—do you need any dimming?
  • Location—where do you want to install your LED panel lighting fixtures?
  • Ceiling—what type of ceiling do you have? Is it suspended or solid?
  • Geographical location—Where is your home located? Is it far from the major installation companies?

The Bottom-Line

LED Panel 3Traditional LED lights were not bright enough. That’s why the manufacturers decided to introduce LED panel lights. Like LED bulbs, LED panels are energy-saving. They are also long-lasting. The above are the top ways LED panel lights can save you energy and money.

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