LED Panel Lights Guide – Everything You Need To Know

LED Panel Lights Guide 1LED lights are innovative high-end lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures are long-lasting and provide more light while saving energy. LED panel lights use light guide plates to transmit uniform lighting. This provides excellent illumination uniformity. Additionally, these lighting fixtures produce comfortable and soft light. They are versatile, which makes them ideal in any space. Transform your home with LED panels. The following guide will help you understand LED panels and how they can transform your home.


LED panel lighting fixtures are innovative, high-end indoor lighting options for any home. The LED panels contain guide plates where light passes through with high transmittance. Light passes through these plates with high transmittance, forming a uniform plan-based luminous effect. This produces a transmittance with luminous uniformity. The light produced is soft, comfortable, as well as bright. They come with different types of accessories. This includes:

  • Clips
  • Mounting frames
  • Steel ropes

You can use the accessories to mount your LED panels on different surfaces. The following are parts of any LED panel lights:

Aluminum Frame

The frame gives the panel light stability. It makes it durable, which explains why it’s considered the most important part of the panel light. The side frame contains different materials. Each material comes with a different heat dissipation performance. Common materials used in the side frame include aluminum alloy, A6063, and aluminum plastic. Also, certain types of frames come with materials such as steel and PC. Aluminum is the most commonly used material.

LED Lighting Source

The lighting effect is dependent on the type, brand, as well as number of LED chips. The price also hinged on the luminous flux. The SMD2835 and SMD4014 are the most common types of lamp beads you will find on the market today. You can purchase your lamp beads from top brands such as SAMSUNG, SANAN, and Lumileds. Generally, directly-lit light requires few lamp beads than their side-emitting counterparts.

Guide Plate

LED Panel Lights Guide 2The panel also contains the guide plate. The main role of this component is to refract light. During light refraction, it’s important to minimize light decay. Generally, the light transmittance and the dot design affect the light guide plate’s light efficiency. Most manufacturers use sheets such as PMMA, MAS, as well as PS.

After long-term use, the PS and MAS tend to turn yellow. On average, the PS will give you services for up to 2 years.  On the other hand, the MAS can last up to 3 years. If you want an option that can last for up to 5 years, go for a unit with PMMA guide plates.

Additional Components

The following are additional components of LED panel lights you should familiarize yourself with:

  • LED diffuser
  • Reflective paper
  • Back cover
  • LED driver
  • Install the pendant

Choosing The Right Ceiling Panel Lights

Before choosing your panel lights, consider the following factors:

  • Lighting mode
  • Dimensions and power
  • Lumens
  • Power Factor
  • UGR
  • Lifetime
  • Led driver brand

The Bottom-Line

LED Panel Lights Guide 3Light is a special component of any modern home. Lighting can make a space look lively. It provides illumination, which improves security in your home. Installing innovative lighting fixtures such as LED panels can transform your home. LED panels are versatile and energy-saving. They are available in different colors and types. The above guide will help you understand LED panels and how they can help you.

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