Are LED Battens The Future Of The Batten Luminaires?

LED Battens 1Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED battens offer superior efficiency. They can save you up to 80 percent of energy. Still more, these lighting fixtures can uplift your home or office into a cozy space. Whether it’s office or home, LED battens will not disappoint. According to experts, the technology used in LED battens is likely to improve in the future. So, will LED battens define the future of lighting? How do they compare with fluorescents?

Shifting To Modern Workplaces

Over the past years, offices have been relying on luminaries. Luminaries are great in offering long strong lighting strips, which makes them the best bet for any workspace. However, things are changing. The workplace is changing. Nowadays, LED battens are replacing the luminaries in workspaces. These lighting options rely on LED technology. They are energy efficient and long-lasting. These lighting options can add that aesthetic value to any space.

Still more, modern battens differ from traditional ones. For instance, modern bulbs don’t use the same bulbs. Early battens were equipped with a folded steel spine and a bare fluorescent tube. Accessories like reflectors could be added to the folded steel spine.

However, modern LED batters don’t use reflectors anymore. Focus has been placed on appearance and aesthetics. This is because aesthetics, according to experts, can improve productivity. That’s why LED batten designers are keen on bringing lighting solutions that make office spaces aesthetically appealing to improve overall productivity,

Unlike fluorescent lighting fixtures, LED battens are energy efficient. With LED battens, you can save more money in terms of utility bills. They are versatile and can be used in any space. You can customize your LED battens to fit into your office’s overall aesthetics. Plus, they don’t produce too much heat, which makes office spaces comfortable.

LED Battens Versus Fluorescent Battens

LED Battens 2There are so many reasons why you should ditch fluorescent bulbs for LED ones. For instance, LED lighting produces less heat. They produce high-quality light. If you compare a stranded LED bulb with a fluorescent one, you will notice the difference. For instance, a higher LED wattage fixture is equivalent to two fluorescent lamps. In a nutshell, LED bulbs eclipse their fluorescent counterparts when it comes to power output.

Accent Lighting

One of the most important factors in places is accent lighting. According to experts, accent lighting can affect the appearance of a workspace and influence productivity. That’s why simple lighting fixtures like LED batters can influence the overall productivity in your office.

Normally, light can be emitted from a LED batten over 120 degrees downwards. On the other hand, a fluorescent lamp can achieve an angle beam that is closer to 240 degrees. To achieve an angle closer to 180 degrees, use a diffuser.

A wide angle produces more glare on computer screens. Research shows that glare can lead to headaches, which leads to increased absenteeism at work. Thus, bring in LED battens, reduce glare, and improve productivity among your employees.

The Bottom-Line

LED Battens 3Transform your home or office with LED battens. These lighting fixtures can offer functional and decorative lighting. With superior efficiency, you can count on LED battens to lower your utility bills. Available in different types, you can bank on LED battens to transform your home.

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